Thursday, December 24, 2009

Windows 7 is In

But did Vista spoil the game and growth and monopoly momentum of Microsoft.

With Chromium entering the open source it is likely that IPR will force more and more users to open sourse OS.

Also virtual desktop and cloud computing is likely to affect the growth of OS market for all aspirants.

So what can Microsoft do in this scenario to preserve its fiefdom.

Only one thing and that is to reduce price and bundle OS with the Hardware Computer it self.

Also it could do well by innovating an edge for which people will be ready to pay a premium.

Otherwise going not to be so easy for the Giant vs. crowdsourced opensourced OS's.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whats up in Technology

So a post after many days.

Lots is happening in the field of technology.

makes it very difficult to choose a particular topic.

3 - D camera's which can capture 3 D images.

really something happening has happened.

Lots is happening in the field of Storage with 5 Dimensional storage devices evolving,
taking the density of storage very high.

Claytronis would emerge as a new mode of teleportation and communication technolgy in a decade or so.

IP v6 will support umpteen more addresses than the current v 4.

Tech landscape changes every 3 months.

New models of Laptops.

New processors.

Core i-7, Core i5 and the expected core i3.

Ok I am finding very difficult to find a topic to right about.

Even after many days I get comments from readers and fans are increasing, so I thight nothing wrong in writing a post now and then to oblige my readers.

have a nice tech life.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Many Jobs to Be Lost in Indian IT Firms

The effect of recession is here to see in India. Many firms are laying off employees and are doing much less recruitment. Also those with higher salaries are being laid off for those who can be recruited for less.

This is over and above the normal attrition which is due to non performance of employees.

Employees need to be cautious in this poriod and need to re negotiate their salaries and agree for performance bonus and a slight cut in their salaries.

More over those with higher salaries may need to move out to new jobs with lesser perks.

This all a part of cost re structuring of Indian IT firms.

Indian IT firms are dependent on EU and US for their major orders and due to sluggish growth in the west the Indian firms are also affected to that extent.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nintendos' Differentition Strategy

Nintendo created a Differentiated product and enjoys a loyal clientele. Take the figures of its products sold a total of 150 million units sold since 2006.

There is good demand for its products even in the recession and it had no need to cut price.

Its console are differentiated through touch screen easy play consoles and motion sensing controls making playing at Nintendo a altogether different experience.

Indian Tech Companies Likely to Preform Flat

The G7 economies under hit, likely to result in less and less work being outsourced to Indian IT companies.

So the top line of Indian IT companies is likely to be flat. So if you are investing in Indian stock companies you need to factor these facts. Performance of tech stocks is not likely to result in much growth compared to other stocks.

In 2008 the best stock were that of FMCG which were least affected by the lash of recession.

So are you thinking of picking your next growth stocks, is it going to be Infrastructure stocks or Telecom stocks?

What is your take?

Digital World

In US lots of Print editions of Magazines and Newspapers have closed down, unlike in India where Print Media still rules the roost.

Recently I was reading about the Google News Index which actually drives the traffic of the Newspaper site. Well millions of blogs are churning out Lakh's of good quality original interesting content every day. Most blogs do not have high readership. All this content is often picked up by the main media.

It would be useful to promote such writers through cash rewards and cheque's so that they continue their good work.

This practice is non existent any where and leaves blogger idea rich but cash strapped community.

Google adsense hardly generates the kind of revenues that would self support a blogger. In such a scenario most blogger's opt out of the cat race.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Digital Divide and India

Digital Divide in India seems to be getting less precarious with many NGO's taking care of starting training center for the poor with donated laptops and desktops or used ones.

The poor are learning software's like graphics suites et al and also making a earning through paintings or data entry jobs.

So soon we would be having slum dog Hackers.

I have a Running Virus Free PC

If you believe that your running PC is virus free your beliefs may not be well founded. Why that is because the strategy of today's hacker is to have your PC running and to use it to send spam messages and steal your information using trozans on a regular basis.

So don't be lax in your computers security and make it a regular practice to virus scan every day if you are connected to the internet.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Used Mac Market

Any good thing would not be disposed but used.

Nobody said that. Well Mac's are more useful than PC's in that Mac's are refurbished and sold in market even after being used for some time as they are known to age a tad slower than PC's.

So a cool 100- 200 $'s off and you get a better configuration compared to original Mac's.

Apple itself sells refurbished Mac's on their web sites.

You get one year warantee with the product, what else do one need?

So if you are a Mac aspirant constrained by the cost why not try and go for a refurbished Model.

Google launches Legal Downloads in China

To complement its search engine functionality in China where Baidu is the market leader with 60% market share, Google will introduce downloading of Legal Music, Google has tied up with Major Music labels like Sony, EMI, Warner, Universal on license based Music distribution.

3.5 lakh songs will be on offer in Chinese and Other languages which would be increased to 1.1 million later.

I think it is the very right strategy from Google as it will increase the allure of offering as well as increase revenue for both Music labels and Google, the users stand to gain with better quality music.

I think the same model should be replicated in India too as piracy in India is of the similar level to that in China.

Good news for US companies Maharastra an Indian state is trying to be pioneer in banning the use of pirated DVD's by making selling as well as buying pirated DVD's. Now that will image Indian image in the west.

In Private Browsing

Did you download IE 8

It has a record of previous browsing sessions which you can restore, that is the usual banal feature now a days, but it has this powerful feature of in private browsing. No records, history et al would be cached in this mode.

So makes for some adventurous browsing habits, with out leaving any trace of it on the computer, also would be helpful if you want to do e-transactions online in that no cookies etc would be saved on your PC and hence stealing through a Trozan horse would become more difficult for the Hacker.

Also browsing is much faster in IE 8 comparable to Firefox 3.06, did not try downloading yet.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

YouTube Blocked in China

Over a clip of video depicting China in bad light. China blocked all of youtube in China. Viewership dropped to zero,

Now that must be real bad for YouTube as China is close to 25% of world market.

Sure hit the giant under the belt, what would you say.

How Video games are more accepted in Recent Times

Google has tied up with 9 major game Studio's and will offer game based Wallpapers in its iGoogle customization option.

This shows how people are emotionally connected to video games, the same video games which were previously despised by people because of Media depicting video games as inflicting violent behavior in Children and players.

Now this shows how Media plays a great role in establishing billion dollar industries worldwide and why it is important to have good PR with Media people.

Now games are known to increase environment awareness and is used for training pilots using simulations.

Games can also be used to train Disaster Management personnel with simulations of various crisis situation and developing their synapses about how to make right decisions and save millions of lives from new age disasters like bio -terrorism or terrorist attacks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

At Last Reprieve For Satyam

Satyam finally gets some reprieve as it is one of the orgs selected to give infotech support to European Airbus. Despite the tough times being faced by Satyam Airbus has shown confidence due to past rapport with the company and the management.
Indian and Chinese Air Travel is likely to see about 11 % growth in next 4-5 years where western travel business is likely to grow slower.
Hence Airbus is likely to invest in India about 1 billion dollars.
Infosys, Satyam, Tata and Wipro are the companies selected to partner with Airbus in this regard.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweeping My PC

As a employee for some years I would see Janitors come in the morning and do the first thing in the office and that was to sweep it.

I did not know that one day I would have to do the same with my Internet connected PC. Every day as I download using firefox 100's of MB's of temporary files are created.

With 80 GB hard disk and 20 GB C partition it becomes difficult to keep the mandatory 400-600 MB free for system stability.

Hence it becomes imperative to sweep the desktop and other C folders using CCleaner. I also run registry cleaner at least once in two days, which results in better system performance and registry integrity.

So man what are you people up to, no comments eh?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Internet Explorer Fading : New Chrome Version

I had previously shared my blag data with you showing firefox leading the assault on Microsoft IE's dominance. Similar figures have been released by the industry.

According to data

IE ; 67.4%

Firefox : 22 %

Safari : 8%

Chrome : 1.2 %

Market share of the browsers.

So it looks difficult for Chrome to capture more market share even with its new Beta version under test for upt0 20-25% speed gains and more stability.

People seem to be clung to Internet explorer by sheer sticky habit. So it shows how sticky customers could save the day even fora lousy product.

Firefox with 22% market share could gain more by using innovative marketing and hooking more and more people to try out fire fox who would surely convert?

So , what's your browser?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hosting Your Web Site

This is a vital lesson that I am sharing with you after missing my business opportunity. I started a website by the name . I bought the web hosting plan in Rs 2500/- only per annum. ie roughly 50 $ pa.

It was a disaster from the first day. The proprietor was worker manager. There are business barriers in India, and I had wanted to start a open source venture in education which was Google ad supported.

he would not honor his commitments and slowly he manipulated the AW stats reports, they would not display even my test web page views.

So the lesson is that if you buy cheap web hosting space you die a poor man. So if you are going for creating a dot com business have a big heart and buy only from the reputed web hosting companies or die being stalked by the buyable cheap chap.

Friday, March 13, 2009

BYOC Citrix

Citrix has adopted the system of Bring Your Own Computer to workplace. Capital cost can be reduced by using this concept.

cost savings of up to 40-45% has been achieved by Citrix by using this method. Employees are offered $2100 to own a laptop , and hence employees would take care of the maintainence and upkeep of the system which saves cost to the organization.

At company they log on to the internet using a special technology which keeps security into consideration.

Company uses server virtualization to further save on the cost of operation.

So thats as far as beating the blues of recession is concerned.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No End To Satyam's Woes

1.Satyam is likely to face lawsuits in US of 400-800 million, this is likely to cut down its valuation by bidders like the spice group which are pursuing taking over the beleaguered computer giant.

2. Google will enter internet telephony. It is in direct competition with Skype which is owned by E-Bay and has a installed user base of 400 million users. There is going to be a change in the dynamics of Telecom Industry with this google initiative.

The Google service is likely to be cheaper than the Skype , but would have a miss on video conferencing capability.

Privacy Issue and Facebook

Facebook recently faced the wrath of their community members for a policy decision to retain and use personnel info of their members. The adverse policy decision was subsequently revised after representations of members.

Communities have to make money for survival, and for they depend on the advt. revenue, additionally they could charge a premium membership fee, with improved facilities and snob appeal.

Any attempt to sell member info is likely to be vehemently opposed by the privacy lobbyists.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Google to Challenge Microsoft OS Dominance

95% PC's of the world runs on Vista and XP still. Google is developing Andriod as a OS to compete with Microsoft's windows. More so Google is making a Linux based OS which will have many advantages over Windows like modularity ( Windows is monolithic OS), more secure ( As it is Linux based).

So will Microsoft loose its dominance in a few years or a year. Only time can tell us.
Meanwhile its good to see an open source attempt at OS. I am sure Google has a good brand equity and any product that Google creates will surely be up to the mark and best in the market.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Mimi Switch

A headphone which can remote control your I-Pod or electronics m/c's at home like the washing m/c's or PC etc.

A headphone with infra red sensors which can measure changes to ear depending on facial expressions and in turn remote control your electronic devices.

A Japanese endeavor the Mimi Switch can detect facial expressions like your Smile, wink et al and create a electronic response to it.

So how do you lie a new hands free control.

Software Life Cycle and Lawsuits

Do you think that trust suits can have any effect on the development of Software . Yes it does have on Microsoft OS at least . The latest upcoming OS Windows 7 from Microsoft will have this in the doing.

Windows 7 will feature a control panel to disable Internet Explorer and Media Player. This in response to legal suits in EU about the monopolization of Browser by Microsoft by bundling IE with the OS.

Mozilla and Opera have filed charges against Microsoft and they have got a ruling in favor with them. So you will now have a choice to turn off default software's with Windows OS. But the crucial choice is with so much Brand Equity and user choice would the user really want to turn off IE.

Certainly if you are using internet you will be in the know that certain sites give problems with certain browsers at certain times. I have four Browsers on my PC but I use Firefox most of the time.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Internet and Terrorism

According to a report by Economic Times Terrorists in South East Asia are using internet to spread message of terror and recruit youth in Jihad against Humanity.

Now what a brazen act of outrage against the civil society this is. Blogs and social networks plus forums are being used to spread message of terror, communication and education and training for terrorists.

All this because there is no world body to look at the problem of Internet Administration. No amount of effort has been spent in generating an international agreement of blocking such sites and accounts.

I mean what is US and Un doing are they sleeping over the problem just like they did over global warming? All that while innocent civilians are being killed all over the world? Its time some action is taken against this misuse of internet.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Netbook Vs. Laptop

Well netbook certainly has the cost and portablility benefit, but recently a new problem has been reported by the actual users of netbook, and this problem is that of Security. Netbook is generally a lesser capable atom processor and lesser memory compared to a laptop configuration.
Hence the problem of memory Resident internet security products is likely to be encountered in the Netbooks segment. Modern Anti Virus tools are memory and resource hungryy and even slow down a Desktop so what is a netbook in front of Intenet Threat.
If you dont use a security package you are likely to falter in protecting your device from online threats.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

m-CRM and Sales Automation

Are you ready for it yet?

So what is m-CRM . m-CRM is CRM software on your PDa or smart phone. They are for the marketing and sales staff. It can be used to provide live data to client and to keep the organisational MIS data live from the field.

It is used to automate the processes of CRM, like customer alerts et al can be generated automatically and a lot of Customer proceses from the marketing end can be automated leading to smooth transactions and enhanced customer satisfaction and service.

There is impdiments to automating all sales force like cost and internet accessibility impediments which are to be kept in mind while deplying a m-CRM module.

Vareity of m-CRM modules can be deployed even in low end SMS based systems with teh help of GPRS connectivity. With 3G coming to India ( BSNL rolling out the service in 11 cities ) it is likely to get more speed of info updates.

So be ready for that sales Conversion through m-CRM.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Evolving Role of CIO

CIO may take all the decisions regarding purchase and installation of hardware and software. Or he may take them in consultation with he CEO. It all depends on the size of organization and the sophistication of top management in regard to technological matters.

But increasingly CIO has to be educated about the business domain knowledge and has to take appropriate decisions by self.

Also the Role of the CIO is to buy management support for Tech. implementations, in addition to get the organisation ready for accepting the technology and the associated change management plan.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go For HP

If you have to close your eyes and decide for a brand for Desktop,Notebook,Laser printers,MFD or Enterprise Storage, close your eyes and go for HP. Why? Yes because HP is the leader in these categories according to Data Quest CSA 2008-09 survey.

The categories of Desktop and notepad has close competition for top slot. The Notebook category is close fight between Dell,HP-Compaq,Lenovo,Acer,Sony,Toshiba. So all in all the result of the survey indicates that the consumer has plenty of choice there to choose quality products from and that a number of vendors are competitive with regard to the Customer Satisfaction needs.

Networking products is lead by Cisco, Enterprise Applications by Oracle, Notebooks by Dell, IT Services by HCL Insys.

Software Adoption Life Cycle : Business Intelligence and Analytics

various offices use basic software's like Office Word, Spread Sheet, presentation and E-Mail solutions for communications.

many organization's may use proprietary software's because they are cheap and customized for use in organization. This may create a situation where org's may end up with multiple packages from different tech co's . This is all good while the whole thing is new.

With time challenges like scaling of technology and integration of data is arises. Also top management needs integrated trend reports which can not be easily compiled from these disparate silos.

Hence arises the need for ERP packages. These are costly but can handle large amount of data efficiently and reports can be easily generated. But some amount of BPR may be required for implementing these. Also cost of failure is high, hence lot of factors like Change management needs to be taken into account.

Next comes related technologies like SCM, CRM et al. These arte required to manage customers and suppliers respectively. Smooth oprational efficiencies and cost savings result, but then all these work as Silio's with the ERP system.

Thus the need for Business Intelligence and Analytics to pull information from all these sources and compile them in useful form for the management to draw insights.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Smart Phone Market

While Dell is entering Motorola is leaving the Enterprise Smart Phone Market. Why so much interest in the smart phone market? The reason is simple, Smart Phone is up there in the Value Chain and represents high growth potential as more and more users are likely to switch to Smart Phones in a evolutionary manner.

So dell is to compete with well entrenched players like Palm,Apple, Nokia and HTC in the space. Motorola is going to concentrate on the Media market for now which was its original Forte. Dell is going to use Android OS in its planned high secret mission on developing a smart phone.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Indomitable Internet Explorer?

No not at all, firefox gained and gained a firm footing. I was going through the Browser section of my Google Analytic and what I see is a result of random sample of users. More and more users are using the Firefox browser of Mozilla. Second is Internet explorer.

Now this is a real opportunity for the Mozilla to exploit the fact and create a marketing Buzz around the same fact and make more and more other internet users to switch over to the new Browser.

Safari and Opera doesn't see that much success with a few percentages market share. So the browser wars are seeing Microsoft bowing, but it has its position intact in the OS space with a lions share of over 90% market share. Now maybe its due to its better user friendliness and due to large scale piracy in India.

Mobile Marketing and Bollywood

Creating a Buzz around the Movies with Mobile marketing. Mobile is ubiquitous and is now being utilized by bollywood to market digital content and create viral campaigns for their Movies. Song and movies promos are being promulgated through mobiles. It had all started with the Marketing of Armaan through mobile campaign.

Wall papers, ring tones etc all can create a hype around the movie and also an important cash flow for the movie. Hence Mobile emerge as a new distribution channel for the Movie Producers.

Transcend India launches 2.5 inches portable hard disk

The hard disk priced between 5,000 Rs to 11,000 rs for 160,320 , 500 GB capacities will have varied designs and bundled utilities software like no trace internet browsing.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Government of India To Bridge Digital Divide

a $10-$20 laptop with 2 GB main memory and WiFi access. Well sounds impossible but the pilot of this device developed by IIT Madras and IISc bangalore has just been unveiled in Tirupati. Although more specification details have not been realeased but it will certainly boost the usage of educational portals in India with govt. planning to distribute it to educational institutions. Provision has been made in the 11th plan for it with over 20 billion Rs. earmarked for the same.

The same is likely tro improve the quality of education imparted at the institutions in rural india and digital study material sharing will lead to boost of overall educational sentiment in India.

So what next a dollar 1 I-Pod?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Local Language Content and Internet In India

The other day I was reading Data Quest and the story writer was arguing about how little Indian language content is available on the internet. I was quite surprised to read that there are only about 1250 web sites in Indian language. This compared to the fact that there are about 1600 total Indian language and 22 constitutionally recognized languages.

So the fact is that there are 650 million educated Indians but only about 60 million net users. And that too those using Indian languages may be even less. So there is no demand for local language content. There are 40,000 blogs in vernacular Indian languages. But the preferences and topics as also the authenticity of these may be of little pertinence.

So the question that arises is when will we be able to have local language content. Well I think when internet would be pervasive, also when AI based translation software built into the browser itself would be able to convert entire pages written in one language to the other , till then be content reading your Magazine or Newspaper ( Regional I mean).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3G and WiMax : The Enterprise Choices

Current internet technology in vogue in India is GPRS and EDGE. 3G has been launched in Delhi and WiMax is being experimented in Beta runs elsewhere. So what would be the choice of Enterprises. There are mixed responses from shunning to adopting from various CIO's interviewed by a magazine.

Some say 3G is costly and requires new investment which is costly. WiMax can be used with existing equipments. But WiMax is capable of Bandwidth of 70 MBPS where as with 3G upto 15 MBPS is only possioble. So 3G itself can be used for Video Conferencing and host of E-Mail applications which the Enterprises would be requiring.

So there is all possibility that 3G and WiMax networks to co-exist together for some time to come with the individual preferences taking over the decision criteria of various enterprises.

Many critics claim that 3g has a lot of evolution left for it in way of 4G and LTE but WiMax is saturated, also standards have already evolved for 3G which will take some time for the WiMax, but as such WiMax is cheaper and faster. Also many people argue that even 2G may survive for non value added customers and using all networks together may also solve the spectrum issue whcih the private agencies have with defense personnels.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Google Quits Radio Advertising Business

Google is quitting Radio advertising business, experts say that after three years Google finding profits not worth expectations very surprising that they are not able to manage new Vista's of new age Media's.

Surely lot of people take on Google as a one trick Pony due to its excessive dependence on search engine advertising revenues ( to the tune of 99%) . This makes it even more imperative that Google manages its new businesses with more astute business acumen and turn around fledgling business units into new cash cows.

But Google has so far not been able to turn the tables on rivals and shut the mouth of the critics by significantly diversifying its business risks. Well lets see what is in store for this Fortune 100 leader and a worlds most popular Brand.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Managing Deep Lost Content

Ambush marketing and TV go along. People have a tendency to fight, take for example the singing reality shows. They produce almost 4 - 5 programs which are aired at the same time on week and users are expected to vote for all of them and decide the winners. Makes the whole affair a bit insipid for the users, who then choose their preferences and then begins the TRP wars. People fore go one program over the other, but then the program forsaken could be watchable at some other occasion.

That could be done through PC's with DVR recording facility, but do people care. The result is that a lost of content in less popular channels get lost in the process and one is left with few options for entertainment once these shows go out of seasons.

Here comes the Internet to the rescue. All these many of historic performances are re watchable and it is the duty of the content creators to use this content to the hilt. Hence in a fetish to create more content, the existing good content is lost/ This content should be used to the full by the media houses.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gaming and India

Gaming is all set to move the Indian markets. Indian gaming market is different from other gaming markets showing more breadth as it is not only the young in the bracket of 18-29, but in the bracket up to 49 years. Unlike foreign locales in India average age is not 20 years but 28 years. This all is good news for the Gaming market.

More people in the Gaming arena means more games sold and higher revenue par capita. Also the In game Advertisement is set to grow as a market and more revenues can be expected of the same. of ADAG and Jumpgames are free Indian gaming sites which are supported totally by adverts and are free and yet offer quite quality games. With frequent contests and reward points an d sweepstakes prizes to the regular players.

Now that is some good news for the nation, maybe in by 2020 there will be virtual olympics with India winning quite a tally of golds and platinums.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amazon's Kindle 2

Amazon has launched new version of Kindle 2, at 360 dollars a piece. Kindle's sales at 130 million is 1% to the total Amazons sales.

With the online publishing market set on a high growth path, Amazon wants to be present in the market and hopes its profit and sales from the particular product line to raise in the near future. It is interesting to note that the market in the west is ready for e-Book readers and with ample wi fi connectivity and payment options one can subscribe to books and magazines online.

While the emerging markets languish in the paper based magazines and book packs.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Blogging and Pros ( & Cons)

I started blogging two years back. The same content may click in one community or may backfire in another community. I got platinum league in IBIBO but at Blogger I am just making my ends meet. Is it due to too many blogs , or due to the demographics of blogger, now I can make some sense out of it.

The problem is that there are too many blogs and too little readers, so there is this perennial problem of traffic of blog site. There are many ad networks but they give you visitors and not customers.

That in turn results in decreased adsense revenue for the blogger. So I am just trying to emphasis e the fact that it is very important for you where you blog. Sometimes you may fail as a blogger because you fail to connect to your audience, but that doesn't prove you are naive. You may be an expert and an educational blog network may give you that elusive page views and make you successful overnight.

So the jest of the post is to not to give up and continue with your blogging and pick up inimitable skills while waiting for the lady lucks pendulum to sway in your favor.

How Free Sites are Eating Into Profitability of Paid Sites a site for dating. a web site for those looking for free dating with up to 25% of traffic, forces to launch its own free dating sites. Only one of the examples of how free sites are snatching away the business of paid sites.

There are plethora of How to Do anything sites, there are product opinion sites in almost all social networking portals, there is Yahoo answers and expert section in any website giving for free what pre internet era was available only for a certain price to be paid.

There are free educational sites and free white papers plus open source material available on the net. So what is the direction of magazines and books, certainly southward compared to what it could have been in the absence of internet.

Paid sites could do well by changing their strategies accordingly and corner their share of business from the available pie.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Online Technology Sources Vs. Offline

With ubiquitous internet availability and many magazines whifting to only online mode and also E-Book readers like Kindle avialbale, this is a logical debate. Where to find your daily dose of technology dough. It is avialbale in hot blogs as well as technology section of all major publishing web site. And man let me tell you its really happening.

Magazines started it all by being Multimedia, but the internet beats them all, by offering unlimited good quality content available at the drop of a hat, with even visiting a book store and free of cost. So what else do you want. I visited the Media Center of Business week and found it greatly interesting. With plethora of videos on plethora of subjectes vying for my attention. the only problem which I faced over there was my lousy Dial Up connection. Now I signed up for a Broadband with MTNL but the Wireless connection signal is lousy and never ever speeds up. But man video qulaity is real good.

So you have podcasts and what not available hot in  a magazine sometimes updated daily. Then all the chronicles are neatly stacked for you view or perusal. Man if you have appetite for knowledge they have the appetizers all lined up for you and I am sure you will never leave famished from any portal.

So all in all, online content is scrumptious and hot.
Why wait when you can go for it?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Technology of the Future

Yesterday I was watching a tech video by Business Week International edition. They were speaking about 10 Economic and Technological trends to be witnessed in the 2009 year. Some of the trends certainly caught my Imagination and I am listing them here for you.

1. Phone Apps

With 30% market share being cornered by the smart phones. Phone apps are certainly the favorites. Pinger is a new phone app with UC capabilities built into it. It also works with myspace and twitter, and is free. Generally phone apps are free and otherwise between 1-5 $ cost. Hence phone apps would certainly be a source of revenue for the telecom organisations in the coming time.

2. Wall PC's

Wall screens would also be a favorite where all employees share a giant screen whcih can be used to update all employees of a department of the latest in thier sphere of notification. Brokerages and Media houses may be benefitting from wall PC's.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Innovative Handsets

Handsets which have touch screen which can be used to play 7 instruments on it. Handsets with 3D screens where you can play 3D games. 3G phones which can be used as an entertainment console with streaming audio, video and video conferencing. Some out of the box thinking on the part of the telephone manufacturing companies is really creating a compelling market for the buyer with Cell Phone becoming a style statement rather than just a communication device.

Nokia N85 is designed for the gamer. Similarly every day there are announcements of products. New products and gadgets really hog the market with increasing frequency.

This creates a choice for the customer which was hitherto unseen in markets. User can choose a phone according to her preference and have fun. So the point is that the life cycle of a typical phone is reduced to 1 year to six months depending on the type of the user.

Nokia was quite complacent with its basket of product till Sony Ericcsson stepped in with its quality products and Motorola came out with its stylized offerings. All these forced Nokia to get into the fray and get together its act on these two fronts.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Threats To Hog The Internet Security

1. TCP / IP Architecture has certain lacuna's in it which makes it possible for the hackers to create e-Bombs which can make large portions of internet non - usable. This can cause a loss of billions of dollars to the businesses in lost revenues and lost opportunities, good will and service restoration costs.

2. Islamist proponants have legitimised using cyber space to carry out Jihad which means that the Internet is going to be more and more vulnerable to such attacks in the near future.

3. Web borne Malware is increasing at an alarming pace, which means that the PC's connected to the internet and corporate intranets need better and better firewalls and integrated anti-virus technology to prevent the attacks from these online pirates.

All in all internet needs a lot of preventive and proactive activities like installation of software at the back bones to randomly check the sources of spams and malware and destroy them. In addition to all these it may need a lot of software and hardware installed to check using heuristic suspicios online activities and inform the concerned agencies to curtail such measures.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

3G Launch delayed

Multiple govt agencies dealing with the launch of auctioning of 3G spectrum, issues over reserve price and administrative charges lead to delay in launch of 3G in India. Launch of 3D can significantly increase the bouquet of services offered by the technology companies as well as increase their top line and margins. With open standards and platforms being adopted by various companies it is also likely that users are going to get a better deal on their handset with rich content and host of entertainment options to keep their lives easier.

Also I think some forward looking states like AP and Karnatka could take up Metrowide 4G initiatives and set a break in the Governmental red tape which keeps India from progressing at a faster rate of development.

Model universities should set up 4G networks in their campus and near by areas and offer free service to university inmates and should be allowed to offer in nearby residential areas on profit making thus even opening source of revenue for these cash crunched universities and raise the quality of life of all stakeholders.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Digitisation and Piracy

With devices like the USB Flash drives of 32 GB memory and external portable hard disks of 320 GB in market and hard disks up to 1 TB in market it makes the job of the online pirate all the more easier. Ubiquitous Broadband availability would add to the woes of all the content producers.

Software,games and movies are now pirated and distributed like never before. Add to that the list of countries and people who have no appreciation of IPR and sites which are used to distribute music and software free. Similarly lot of people take pride in distributing cracks of software's on the internet.

If you can get 1000 $ software for free would you be liking to buy the software. The answer would be probably a no.

So the question arises how to curb piracy with rising digitization and falling morals or changing sensibilities of people. The answer lies in educating people about how not paying for the software stifles the development of new products with falling revenues of the company.

Satyam Fiasco

2 Billion worth or 1 billion worth fraud. A brand new board and bad word of mouth for Indian IT companies certainly to have impact on Indian credibility in US and other clients overseas. A desperate attempt to restore the day to day working of the organisation. Action against former founder in India and Us courts.

Satyam a potential takeover target from as large as 5 org's and 3 PE firms. L&T increased its stake from 4 % to 12%. Loss of one is opportunity for someone else. Other firms of Satyam Umbrella brand are also under scanner and likely to face undue pressure in coming times.

Also its very agonising for the employees. The issue also raises doubts over the integrity of Foreign Auditing firms ( PWC ) which were involved in the graft.

Lets wait and watch the future developments.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Social Sites Picking Up

Selling a service can become a winning proposition was unknown to the likes of Microsoft,Google,Yahoo et al who choose not to enter the Social Media. They took the well trodden path of choosing the products and services which were mainstream.

facebook and Myspace choose the different and now they are sitting on a huge break point. They have maximum active subscribers. Facebook ( 140 Million) and Myspace ( 120) Million. Although yahoo still leads in user engagement, ie the level of time spent by users on the site, but increasingly Facebook and Myspace are becoming just like portals. These social sites are having a number of other aspects built into it. Consider this facebook has almost 52,000 applications. That is huge third party content on the site.

Also these sites have now become astute marketers and are generating huge revenues by targetted advts. and running various campaigns and selling products and services through their sites.

The idea of social networking was unknown till a few years back but has picked up immensely and put these firms on the forefront of a tipping point. Shows how a breakthrough idea could create future Fortune 500 companies and failure to capitalise on the same by existing Fortune 500's may take them out of the league.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Future Is Not Yet Arrived

Traffic Data at your Mobile Phone or in Website. Smart phone based traffic data pooling software has been available in the US for about more than a year or so. But in India we are still in a development stage. One reason could be the lack of sophisticated smart phones to participate in the program and the absence of volunteers for community benefit program.

Nericell is a project undertaken by the Microsoft India Research Bangalore and it uses smart phones to pool and share traffic data from a particular area. I would say too little too late for the public of India. The same could have been achieved by using planted devices in the area, which has been undertaken at few locations in Mumbai.

Friday, January 23, 2009

online scanners

It is a common fact that most scanners are only 30% accurate in finding and destroying viruses. So if you are using a single virus program then you are only under the deception that your PC is safe from all hazards. In such a situation it is required that you should go in for scanning through multiple online scanners.

There are online scanners now available from ESET, Bitdefender and Kaspersky which are quite adept at catching certain type of infections.

But there is a problem with online scanners especially if you are using a slow internet connection. The program needs to install proprietary ActiveX control in your browser ( Bit defender ) and also download scanner engine and virus definitions which may be painstakingly slow so only those who have connection speeds in MBPS may go for this kind of infectin removal.

Best of luck maintaining your computer and happy blogging.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Technology Marketing By Intel

Intel has developed a embedded processor of a new kind. To display its functionality it developed a prototype of a POS kiosk which can be used to loyalty market its products to customers. It can also be used to remote conference call center employees to customers in the store so that they can find out exact product configurations and specifications. Also customers can check out the details from the company web store. So that is marrying the best of experiential and web marketing under one roof to immensely benefit the consumer with the results.

Now that is something innovative as Intel is not selling this embedded tech processor kiosk but only created it as an example to consumer for high tech technology marketing where consumer is actually the pampered king and not a mall rat.

3 e-props to Intel on some smart technology marketing.

Smart Flash Disks

Flash disks are now available from Sun for data centers which have smart capabilities built into it. Flash drives are upto 100 times faster than conventional hard disks and dissipate much less heat. So you need to consider them as a viable option for your data center storage solutions.

Research has been done and algorithms developed to store data with the frequency of usage in these storage drives to give very less latency.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Recessionary Trends

The effect of recession has been mixed on IT companies many like E-Bay and Intel have shown a decline in profits and sales where as the likes of Apple and Wipro have shown growth figures?

Apple despite the CEO crisis it faced. So it only shows that with proper strategy and management, the adverse can be averted.

Affordable PC's for All Chirag

The other day I was going through newspapers and came across this advert of Chirag PC'c. Saurav is the brand ambassador of the PC.

PC's starting from the range of 14,000 Rs for a celeron powered to Rs, 20,000 for a high configuration core 2 Duo processor. Now this is something I called affordable.

Those who do not have cutting edge technology deployment to make can go for the moderately prized Dual Core at 17,000 Rs.

So now anybody can have a PC at home for entertainment or education via the NEt.

Virtual Desktops

Recession has hit and CIO's task is cut out, to decrease IT costs. Going in for virtual desktops reduces the IT budget by about 10-20%.

A virtual desktop is one where there is no hard disk on the PC ( called client ), and all the data and software's are located in the server, which makes tasks such as updating and maintenance easier for the IT staff.

Various companies like Citrix,VMWare,Parallels, IBM, Microsoft are into virtual desktop business.

But the cost of man hour's lost if the network is down needs to be taken under consideration.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

GuruJi.Com Music Search

Guruji.Com is Indian search engine which was the pioneer in searching Cities local data which was later picked up by the likes of Google. As usual innovation comes from the stable of smaller nimbler companies but not capitalized upon because of the lack of marketing prowess or deep pockets.

Now Guruji has come up with a unique concept of Music search, you can search for mp3 and other format songs on the web ( of 4 lakhs database ). YOu can download or listen to the songs. Considering that entertainment is one of the prime reason people visit the web this can be a pertinent step for the company towards differentiation.

They are also running a contest to make the user familiar with the search methodology, again a winning step.

But the serach engine has some lack of AI and expert sense as typing Himmat Wala instead of the Songs from movie HimmatWala produces "No Result Found" Message. But hopefully such glitches would be removed in the near future and the service will assume more respect in near future.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Web OS of the Future

There are many web os of the present,


you can create docs, upload docs to OS and store there, but U cant download. But there is no scope of Im and e-mail.


allows you to store 5 GB free files on a central server and 3 GB of e-mail and has inbuilt IM and E-Mail


This has two interesting features website editor and blogger.

So man web os's are evolving by the day and the advantage is portability of your work environment from any location.

So it is a virtual laptop which can be accesseed from any PC. I would say it is very impressive and in future would get even full fledged.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What to blog and how to earn

I started blogging three years back in 2005. I started with blogger. But success eluded me initially. But I never gave up. I succeeded in Winning IBIBO competition 7 times and was platinum league blogger in quality round. I earned there what I couldnt earn through adsense in months times and got paid handsomely.

The problem with blogging is that there are millions of blogs and no readers it is like a neurotic perfect competition.

There are various Indian blogging portals , in which newer ones like IBIBO and Sulekha which are hogging more limelight in recent times.

But most are like a bunch of travelogues or personal blogs with personal fan following which has nothing to do with blogging quality.

My point is that you should be getting at least 100-200 visitors daily to break even otherwise it is just let it be a hobby.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Technology Easing Life

I was thinking of some practical products which are making lives of Internet Workers easy and productive.

Two devices came to my mind which are really useful in Indian Context.

1. USB Modem: The USB modem gives you instant wireless access to internet and that too with good connectivity and less hassles of dealing with the cable. Tata Indiacom, Bharti Airtel and BSNL all of them offer such products in the range of 2,500 Rs to 3,500 Rs. If you are thinking of taking an internet connection you may very well go for it. The advantage is that if you are a tech entrepreneur you can use it for lugging your wi fi with U where ever you go.

2. Net Books : really cost effective alternates to laptops, easy on pocket good functionality and easy to carry about. Wonderful for making presentations to clients.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your Pot Of Gold

If you are really good at programming you can make money even if you are only at high school and dont have the degree to land you a lucrative job.

Program a game for I-Phone, or create a app for Google and they pay you handsome dollars or royalty or a price or award,

Otherwise if you are just good at playing games come on go for the scores of competitions always on in the net and make a fortune the pot of gold is there waiting for you to take the opportunity and make a killing.

Recession Hit Hard the Technology Companies

Intels which was till now insulated from recession in in the grips of it now, with falling sales revenue and profit. The Q4 net is down 90% and sales down 23%.

Companies like Yahoo and Sun are already facing rough times with large retrenchments. As such intel has decided to do away with a bit of R&D expenditure.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wireless Global Networks

National Broadband?

What would be the future of Broadband, 3,5 G then 4G then LTE right. Not quite the black swan theory postulates it is not possible to foresee the future and especially tech future where the horizon changes like the Hurricane Katrina disrupting market and sunk capital.

I was thinking about future of broadband and I thought that it is surely going to be National Broadband. ie Broadband through satellites, peer to peer collaborating nano communication satellites lining the national body, obviously geosychronised.

Such technologies are already a reality in robots combating terrorists and can be deployed with nano satellites to cover states or small nation by one network, also different nations would link there State LANS via synapses to form the first Wireless Backbone of Earth.

If any scientist of US reads this it may be available in US by 1 year and in India in next decade.

So what is your take , is this author mad?
But you see prescience makes a Blue Chip company.

Continuing Education Through Technology

Are blogs the Second Media or the First?

What was the state of the Main Media or the traditional Media prior to Competition from blogs. I see blogs as unorganized media having a lot of freshness and innovation factor compared to the main media.

When first blogs appeared two centers of powers got threatened the government and the Media as there citadel and fiefdom was threatened by blogs which were opinionated and steroidal or biased or unbalanced according to various sources, but today many newspaper has a blogs column or a blogs section in website contributing the more popular user generated content.

Similarly Youtube and other sites are a huge success as UGC is even competing in professional area of film and documentaries making.

Today blogs are free media from where you can pick relevant info free of cost. Also internet is a source of tele education which you can ignore to our peril. So is that education you picked up from college enough? Think about it.

Cars That Can Fly

British company parajet is developing a skycar. It can run on road and also fly. Additionally it’s bio fuel powered and hence a green technology. The car has a 1000cc engine with 140 Horse Power. It can fly at a maximum altitude of 15,000 feet.

It has a propeller at back and can para drop n case of emergency.

New Product

Sony has a new 10 MO CCD, 4GB camera which has inbuilt wi fi and doesn’t need PC to transfer images and videos to websites using internal browser and 3.5 inch touch screen.

Professionals never had the going so good without the hassle of a PC or Laptop to transfer and saving time amd effort at the same time.

The future is WiFi.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crime Scene Painter

Soon police will not have to visit crime scene to investigate the case. A scanner has been created which when moved at the crime scene creates a 3d model of the scene with precision of accuracy. Now public places where police cant stay for long could be recorded and police could analyze the case with leisure and any number of times with this technology.

This is another step where technology plays an enabler in making human lives more secure.

Monday, January 12, 2009

TEchnology NEWS

  • Satyam Computers is in trouble with a new BOD and the tainted Board dissolved. I had read about Silo's in business how Satyam continues to function in a corruption continuum is very astonishing fact
  • Ergonomic laptop keyboards are now available with mouse tracker within keyboard apart from the pad and also digitizers for graphics application, Also extend able screens are available to view multiple apps at a time, all in all laptops are becoming device of desire
  • Palm Pre is all set to compete with i-Phone, this not only accepts gestures and touch interface but also has a sliding qwerty keypad, so competition to i-phone from many sources
  • A wi-Fi Graphics card is chosen as the best device at CES 2009 at Las Vegas, failed to impress my imagination
  • Also a voice controlled robot which can open fire, what if the device malfunctions due to hacker intervention

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Office,Technology and Security

How secure is your office infrastructure. there were software locks on security, now there are hardware locks on security.

Some companies allow employees to use office infrastructures like printers et al for their limited personal work, some other companies strictly consider it as a threat. For the latter category here is a news update.

You have hard disk with number pad for creating passwords of 6-20 digit strength and give an additional layer of security from employee theft of valuable corporate data( Encryption being one). So apart from other devices like printer which gives such lock security .

Apart from that consider using CCTV surveillance of employees as it creates more discipline in employees. Self discipline is the best but then any system left to it self leads to entropy.

So take your security policy decision today.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vi Applications

Vi stands for Video Intelligence. These are advanced security Camera's with capability to generate or trigger alerts. These alerts can be then sent to a laptop or smart phone of a security officer who can initiate the action to avert a major crisis.

So in a sense Vi is used in Disaster Aversion. The Camera's have various capabilities like to find if a Baggage lies unclaimed or more than a prerequisite number of people enter a restricted area. These Camera's are Motion or Thermal Camera's and the latter can work even during the night.

Vi is a important security devices in countries like India which are dealing with Terror Attack aftermath and require proactive security with lack of trained staff and sniffer dogs. Also population explosion creates more problems in manual checking.

Advances in the technology i n future may make even baggage checking automated.

Some links that may help

Enjoy reading more blog posts.

TEch News

I. Windows 7 has Vista Kernal

Windows Vista 7 Beta version would only be a vista kernal enhanced but would have a new interface.

II. AMD's Phenom II

AMD is significantly behind Intel in developing cutting edge products, it is developing Phenom II processor which is in the range of 225 Dollars and is in performance better 20% than phenom I processor but is at the same pedestal as the Intel quad core Processor but Intel is ahead with its Core i7 processor which is significantly advanced compared to Phenom II with its 8 threads per core.

The phenom II has 8 MB L2 cache and 6 mb L3 shared cache.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Core i7 and Variants

Core i7 CPU comes in three variants at three price points

* Core i7 920 at 284 USD (mainstream)
* Core i7 940 at 562 USD (performance)
* Core i7 965 Extreme at 999 USD (enthusiast)

Parallelism : 4 Physical Cores, 8 Logical Processors (hyper threaded)
Memory standard : Triple Channel DDR3
L2 Cache size : 256 KB per core
L3 Cache size : 8 MB
Transistor count : 731 Million
TDP : 130 W
Fabrication process : 45 nm

In any case even the moderately priced i7 920 gives you phenomenal performance gains of upto 50% compared to a quad core CPU so if you are upgrading and want a economical option don't think go for it.

Private Browsing Mode

Privacy is a very important issue in Browsing the Net. When you use a computer at a Cafe or at home important info is left as a audit trail in the form of Cookies, History and Cache. All this data is prevented from being created in a Private Browsing Mode.

Currently Apple safari and Google Chrome support this mode but have their own glitches , for eg Chrome doesnt clear Gears data.

Also Firefox 3.1 and IE 8 Beta versions are trying to incorporate the same albeit with little success.

Hope more is done in this regard to make our private lives more safer from stalkers and cheaters.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Intel To Lose Revenue

Intels Q4 revenue is likely to fall by as much as 25%. They are also likely to underspend on their R&D budget. The fall in sales is expected on counts of recession leading to a fall in expenditure by both Consumer and Enterprises.

Also new platform expected off Intel is postponing the buying decision of various companies along with the recession effect making things difficult for this processor giant which stands to loose more ground because it is in the leadership position in the Processor market.

A fall in R&D expenditure is likely to see postponement of new products introduction and marketed.

When You Buy Internet Connection

WELL there are some tasks you have to carry out with fervent pace if you buy an internet connection.

1. If you are using Windows OS ( Which 90% ) users do, then windows firewall is not enough to deal with your PC’s security, consider installing Comodo Pro Firewall.
2. The above is the disadvantage, the advantage you gain is that all OS updates and all drivers and BIOS updates are available to you mostly free of cost so make sure you have set on the windows automatic update in the security center of control panel.
3. Also make sure the firewall is on.
4. Add exceptions to firewall, like the browsers et al.
5. Run virus updates manually every day also set it to automatic updates.
6. Run the virus scan every day as you are prone to infections, malwares and tracking cookies.
7. Using Ccleaner clean the temporary files every day which are likely to be in the range of at least 5-20 MB per day
8. Disconnect when not using the internet

Wish you a safe and happy browsing experience.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Owning Secure Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Owning Secure Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Well, lot has been said and written about Cloud Computing and Elastic computing with the latter provding benefits of pooling of resources. So you can go for Elastic Computing on Demand or you can go for in house procurement of servers and a cloud network at your company premises which can also keep your data safe.

The main concern in the Cloud Computing is that Data is not secure. Now to overcome this you can set your own network with pooled servers and a open source middleware to contain the otherwise humungous costs, and then set up virtual machines on top of that to change the resources to a particular machine as required and also to balance the load of all the various applications installed on various VM’s.

Also in this configuration the overall scaling of capacity can be done with ease to overcome capacity bottlenecks to the entire pool of applications without migrating the applications from one PC to another of higher capacity.

Hence the conclusion is that instead of buying one’s computing demand on On Demand Cloud Centers one can set up own safe Cloud Network to use securely. Amazon EC3 and Google provides free cloud software for the same.

VOIP and Recession

Cost Saving, VOIP and Company Size

Using VOIP for communications leads to a gain or loss is a moot point even among the experts of technology. Many say at these times of recession VOIP can be used to save on costs along with related technologies like Unified Communications. UC definitely helps in presence management with a high degree of precision and also can be used to treat the voice data like a data mine to other benefits.

But would the investment in infrastructure dictate that VOIP be used to the companies benefit in case of small companies the losses would offset the gains, but for big companies too many experts believe that the cost benefit would be skewed against deployment as the ISD and ILD costs are fast falling southwards. So then that leaves us to Niche segments like Call Centers where too you need to take the cost of infrastructure upfront investment along with employee training and manning into consideration before arriving at a final decision.
This not taking into consideration the goodwill loss when a person is unreachable when required, or a opportunity loss of Millions of dollars that may result due to absence at the pertinent time resulting in customer getting miffed and not willing to negotiate further.

So man I leave you to take the hard call according to your ethics, thinking , circumstances and budgets, to go for that cost cutting or not is totally up to you.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Recession and IT Budget

Fighting Tech Budget Inflation At the time of Recession

Well talking about recession, as US economy caught pneumonia all major world economies are sneezing. So there are talks about controlling that Tech Budget. Already there are talks about ROI targets not being met by the technology investments of the CIO’s.

So then there are some cool ways of reducing your it budget to fight that recession, as follows.

Server Virtualization : Buy a virtual server from a service provider instead of a dedicated server which is surely likely to cut your bill.
Server Consolidation : If you run a data center reduce the number of servers by buying more capable and powerful multi CPU multi core processors, which results in saving of HVAC costs.
Application Integration will strict result in cost savings for the organization.
VOIP : VOIP can be used to cut the fixed phone bill and ISD / Long distance call bills.
Blade Servers : Blade servers can be used to cut on the Space requirements and also save on the HVAC costs.
UC and Video Conferencing : It can be used to cut the travel cots and hotel bills of the organization.

But strictly this author feels that curtailing the IT budget is no solution and that a holistic view of the IT budget needs to be taken for the purpose of calculating ROI and not piecemeal approach. Also good IT support is now into Hygiene factors rather than a business strategy for differentiation like before.

India and Broadband

Why Taking a Broadband Connection Makes Sense Now

Any good cyber café charges 15- 25 Rs per month which results in cool 450 – 750 Rs /Month of expenditure, for the same amount in India unlimited plans are available from players like BSNL, Sify, PaceNet et al. The monthly cyber café charges are for 1 hr. only. The unlimited plans offer you unlimited fun apart from the hours you also have unlimited download/upload facility for which cyber cafes place various restrictions like only 10 MB. So if you want to use You Tube to upload your quality videos you are at total loss with the Cyber Cafes. Apart from that expect some shoddy professional behavior from the callow cyber café employees.

Apart from huge cost advantages you put your security at risk in the internet cafes which is not the case with the home broadband connection where there are slim chances of theft of your personal data and surveillance. Also every time you enter a Cyber you need to put up with distractions like people on Phone or talking binge. Also due to terror attacks there are strict restrictions about providing ID proof and address every time you enter a cyber. Why go through all these hassles. So what are you waiting for? Is it not time to just lunge at the opportunity to join the club of 5 million broadband users in India?

Nokia in a New Avtaar

Nokia Service Provider?

Apple does it successfully with its i-Tunes endeavor. Not just being a Phone handset dealer and entering into providing services which both has a higher growth potential but also higher margins. So Nokia is now trying the same path. To achieve the same purpose Nokia has come up with 12 acquisitions in the past one month and also hired 700 top executives from Google,Yahoo and Apple. This is surely going to turn out to be a winning strategy for Nokia as its Phone Handsets business is taking a Hit from the likes of Sony Ericsson and Motorola, LG and Samsung which are fast making inroads into the consumer psyche with top notch products with a panache and winning flair.

So Nokia now has its future roadmap dictated by competition from other more nimbler firms which are trying out all the marketing tricks and innovations to turn the heat on the Finnish Giant. The setting has all the making of a Hollywood thriller flick as a Marketing War of the Future. Who will come out a winner will well depend on who executes their Marketing and Product innovation plans more smoothly and nimbly.

3G and Gaming Landscape

How 3G could change the Gaming Landscape

One needs to be proactive to comprehend the market future, and also device clever ways to create new markets. With 3G heralding its way into India in 2009 Feb auctioning of Spectrum, there is light for gamers.

Combine this with smart phone pervasion and you see gaming consoles would be replaced by Smart 3G phones where people while traveling or at home could simply connect to their friends and play interactive games instantaneously while on the fly.

Broadband in Phone would also mean that people would be able to tirelessly access new areas of service like Live TV on Phone through the Internet et al. How one would be able to use these services is totally up to the imagination of the Businessmen.

WELL here is hoping that gamers life would change for better with 3G enabled smart phone.