Monday, March 31, 2008

The Robots March To Quest

Robots that help in space exploration by scaling cliffs. Robots that Mop floor. Robots that help in gardening and ultimately robotic fights contest held in Japan which is the house to maximum robots of the world. 112 Robots took part in the contest.
That makes me think what would the future be like. A socity with robots , Humans and Half Humans , Half Robots. Will this manifest into any dangers to the society. Like what if Robots revolt and take over the world and what can be done to avoid harm from robots which work in close proximity to humans in Industrial and Home environment. With the advent of robotic technology and AI it is sure that some day robots find their own Individuality and Voice and fight Human Supression and Imperialism.
I dont think any programming would be able to help in that matter.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Technology Adoption Cassandra

Is 4G WiFi access available in your neighborhood. Will HD televisions have any market in India?IS movie digitalization and digital distribution adopted or feasible for adoption in India?

Is India behind world technology adoption or is it a slow adopter and smart reaper. India adopts software when it is bug free and more refined. I mean what’s wrong in that. By being early adopters of technology you just become a free software tester and feedback provider for the company saving the company in hundreds of Millions of dollars of research and testing.

If movies are digitized then the SCM and logistics of Movies can be optimized to a very large extent. Movies can be premiered world wide simultaneously just by securely transferring the digital content over the pipes or satellite.

But would digitization have a flip side. World is full of loopholes. Piracy could be facilitated by the digitization process. But think of the positives, digital downloading business is just in its infancy in India and a full fledged trade in US and Europe, so you get ready access to multiple distribution channel, not forgetting the VAS market of Mobiles which is swelling as you breathe or blink.

Or take the HD TV. Is DV format not clear enough. Would not adopting HD lead to a higher difficulty in creating content with the amount of preparation which would be required to shoot a detail to include all hygiene factors of a scene. The close up shots would be more difficult to enact. The wrinkles of the older actors would show up. Even young people’s beauty spots would be visible. More efforts would have to be put into acting skills to get a flawless acting. So is it necessary to use a technology because it was invented or invent a technology which has use, after all human eye has not yet gone Nano.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Specious Gamesmanship

The time is long gone when gaming was understood to be creating violent behaviour and reticence in younsters. Even adults are hooked to these games with portable gaming devices available for Playstation and XBox. Also online communities dedicated to Massive Multiplayer games leads to more interest and angles to the whole episode.

To overcome the nerd behaviour which is developed by people who get addicted to gaming therer has been a corrective thinking, and what is that have gaming parties organised which gives the much needed impetus to social angle of gaming.

So on in all one thing emerges clear, nothing is impossible and all problems can be solved. So think big and don't be afraid of dreaming cause if you are able to dream and belive it As Henry Ford said then you are right.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Think Online Think Big

If you are short on budget but high on creativity there are quite a few ways of earning online. The most commonest way of earning is Publishing Business. Start a blog sign on Adsense and if you can generate pageviews you are in for some good money.
Or own a Handycam, shoot some cool videos ( Even Mobile will do ) and upload in sites like YouTube and Revver which do pay for content.
If you are high on entrepreneur drive and have the moolah and risk taking apetite then think big. Start with a Idea and nurture and grow it and sell when you have ample of customers. Reaping millions of real dollars.
There is money to be made on thw web, and you are free to harness the web.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is Biometric Identification Totally Foolproof

If the Fingerprint is stored on a card which was the case till recently, there are all chances of the card being stolen and funds misappropriated. But then the solution is swiping the finger instead of the Card.

But that is not foolproof enough. There are all chances that someone in connivance with Bank Insiders could make a virtual transaction and dupe you in your face. Or use a finger from a dead body. To overcome the second facet there are detectors to catch the perspiration of a live finger and not one cut from a dead body and fabricated.

Also there are ways in which to make the process more secure a combination of Biometric indicators could be used for home security for example. You may use Voice and Fingerprint scanner or face recognition.

Also hand vein pattern is being found to be more unique and difficult to fabricate and technologies based on Vein Placement in hand is being patented .

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Technology Product positioning

Products can be placed in two ways. One for the value conscious customers and second for the Style conscious customers. The laptops market is exemplery in how laptops are being sold from Rs. 15,000 to 96,000 Rs.

Mac Book from Microsoft is sold at 96,000 Rs. with slim design, Lenovo has come up with a model lighter than Microsofts. Sony is experimenting with style quotient.

Lot of new features are also available like hot swappabble hard disk just for Gaming enthusiasts and memory of 4 GB and hard disk of 250 GB.

So what are you waiting for make that much awaited upgrade to your laptop.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Virtualization and Consolidation

There are various advantages of using server consolidation

Testing of software becomes simple as you need not require costly server farms to load or stress test your applications.
Cost of testing and pre deployment procedures goes down drastically.
In existing infrastructure maintenance of the systems become easier
Disaster Recovery ( DR ) and Business Process Continuity ( BPC ) becomes easier as small number of processes are involved
The cost of real estate goes down as a result of server consolidation
Business resources become Fluid and any reallocation of work or load balancing and resource allocation becomes easier with the above arrangement.
Cost of maintenance goes down with Shared resources like HVAC arrangements which is slightly offset by higher dissipation of heat by powerful servers.
Redundancy can be achieved without hefty budgets.
Redundant capacity can be utilized more efficiently by Utility service Providers.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Computer Storage Continuity

With powerful Web Cams at home and HandyCams available with each and every kids. Some really memorable Videos are created every week which need to be stored for the progeny to know about their lineage. Photographs can be clicked via Web Cams every day when you look good. With Mobile Cameras adding to videos and Photographs which you shoot when you are out door at picnic, shopping at Mall or in Office in a Humourous mood or situation.

All this adds to Gigabytes of Storage space per week. The question which arises is where to store about 1 TB of data every month or year depending on your activities. And how to migrate this data, or carry this data, or share this data , or access this data any time any where.

The answer is simple . The web. Store your videos in YouTube or Revver. Nowadays each videos size can be 100 MB, plenty enough. Even Indian sites allow unlimited media storage space in E-Mail account like Rediff mail does. Flickr obviously for photos. The beauty of the matter is that you can store all this publicly , privately only for your family and friends hence having a total control over the accessibility of the data which you create and store.

Learning Technology By Doing

India continues to lag behind in various Technological endeavors. Be it Broadband, or Robotics. Take Robotics US is doing a lot in the field. In India people hardly talk about these things and the awareness of people about these products remain at abysmal low levels.

Have you heard about Lego’s mind storm products which can be used to built robots. These kits of components can be used to program and create various kind of Intelligent robots. iRobot’s Create and iBot kit from TRI are other products which can be used to build robots.

Carnegie Mellon University has a exclusive Robotics Academy which squarely focuses on the development and training of Robots and its applications.

Today robot finds variety of uses, of which I think with aging populations of Japan, US and EU the most blockbuster Robot would be the domestic help and accompaniment Robot which could take care of the elderly people at home. Also with Migrant issues and racism raising its ugly head across the globe these countries may not want Humans but robots to do the work to run their economy and ultimately try to raise their population to match those of emerging superpowers like China and India with 1.3 Billion and 1.1 Billion populations respectively.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Consumer Technology Product Clutter

Friends today if you want to Buy a Computer or a Camera or any computer accessory or MP3 player, you need to have a lot of product knowledge. Because there are a lot of products available. With 10's of reputed brands of companies to choose from and 100's of product ranges and products.
It is imperative to make some research about product features and cost so as to not to get duped over time.

So here is a list of what could be done,

1. Visit the web site of the company, the store Clerk would hardly give you all the information and time yo require.

2. Make a comparative study of product features and after service . In India sites like help you in this task.

3. Visit an experiential store and get your hands and try out the product.

4. Read user opinions and reviews in various user communities and blogs. Search the Internet for the product to find relevant issues.

5. Ask your buddies who may have used a product for recommendation.

6. Read newspaper and technology magazines to find out more.

Be proactive rather than reactive and be a smart consumer.
If any complaints are there in India contact

Friday, March 07, 2008

IFund Launched

The SDK to work for developing applications on IPhone is delayed to June. Apple is going to launch a IFund to fund its activities of trying to develop a Ecosystem around the IPhone so as to make it a perenial Money Spinner and cash cow.

Facebook also has its own venture funds to sponser activities around facebook application development.

Ajax Windows and EyeOS are two virtual OS available which can be accessed through Browser and can be used to access on demand applications. There is no need for maintenence activitiesa like loading drivers and cleaning the registry in a Virtual OS.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Technology Obsolescence

Late Adopters Late Obsolescence

Indians are not only late adopters of products like BroadBand, Plasma Tv et al but also give up the use of old products later. Japan left using CRT tube TV’s way back in 2004. Sony has discontinued manufacture of CRT TVs but in India it still forms the bulk of TV sets sold due to the cost factor. Which is the reason why India continues to lag behind in HDI and other global indices.

Broadband and Computer penetration in India is still abysmally low compared to other developed countries which shows why India lags in related areas of Commerce and Education. India could accelerate its level of development by adopting technology earlier and grow at a higher rate with élan and panache.