Sunday, April 12, 2009

Many Jobs to Be Lost in Indian IT Firms

The effect of recession is here to see in India. Many firms are laying off employees and are doing much less recruitment. Also those with higher salaries are being laid off for those who can be recruited for less.

This is over and above the normal attrition which is due to non performance of employees.

Employees need to be cautious in this poriod and need to re negotiate their salaries and agree for performance bonus and a slight cut in their salaries.

More over those with higher salaries may need to move out to new jobs with lesser perks.

This all a part of cost re structuring of Indian IT firms.

Indian IT firms are dependent on EU and US for their major orders and due to sluggish growth in the west the Indian firms are also affected to that extent.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nintendos' Differentition Strategy

Nintendo created a Differentiated product and enjoys a loyal clientele. Take the figures of its products sold a total of 150 million units sold since 2006.

There is good demand for its products even in the recession and it had no need to cut price.

Its console are differentiated through touch screen easy play consoles and motion sensing controls making playing at Nintendo a altogether different experience.

Indian Tech Companies Likely to Preform Flat

The G7 economies under hit, likely to result in less and less work being outsourced to Indian IT companies.

So the top line of Indian IT companies is likely to be flat. So if you are investing in Indian stock companies you need to factor these facts. Performance of tech stocks is not likely to result in much growth compared to other stocks.

In 2008 the best stock were that of FMCG which were least affected by the lash of recession.

So are you thinking of picking your next growth stocks, is it going to be Infrastructure stocks or Telecom stocks?

What is your take?

Digital World

In US lots of Print editions of Magazines and Newspapers have closed down, unlike in India where Print Media still rules the roost.

Recently I was reading about the Google News Index which actually drives the traffic of the Newspaper site. Well millions of blogs are churning out Lakh's of good quality original interesting content every day. Most blogs do not have high readership. All this content is often picked up by the main media.

It would be useful to promote such writers through cash rewards and cheque's so that they continue their good work.

This practice is non existent any where and leaves blogger idea rich but cash strapped community.

Google adsense hardly generates the kind of revenues that would self support a blogger. In such a scenario most blogger's opt out of the cat race.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Digital Divide and India

Digital Divide in India seems to be getting less precarious with many NGO's taking care of starting training center for the poor with donated laptops and desktops or used ones.

The poor are learning software's like graphics suites et al and also making a earning through paintings or data entry jobs.

So soon we would be having slum dog Hackers.

I have a Running Virus Free PC

If you believe that your running PC is virus free your beliefs may not be well founded. Why that is because the strategy of today's hacker is to have your PC running and to use it to send spam messages and steal your information using trozans on a regular basis.

So don't be lax in your computers security and make it a regular practice to virus scan every day if you are connected to the internet.