Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Artificial Intelligent MP3 PLayer

Using promoting and demoting can be used as a easy way to tun ethe shuffle function of a Juke Box,

For example if we like a song, we give thumbs up, if we don't we give a thumbs down.

Reaching a pre specified number of thumbs down could mark the song for deletion.

Also we could mark songs as damaged and substandard audio.

Also a option play more songs of this beat , tempo or mood could make the life easier for the listener.

Also Inbuilt DJ Software to tweak the songs could also make the same songs appear more appealing each time we play them.

Or say use AI DJ to tweak your regular songs mode.

Man what kind of people do billionaires hire,

INtel Think.

A Quad Battery Phone Technology or Wireless Charge? Can we Innovate --Futuristics

There are dual SIM phones but no dual battery phones. I mean if we miniaturise the phone batt., we can have 4 batteries in one phone

WE can charge the batteries in the docket or in phone and switch to various batteries when need arises.
Surely some engineering at this front can make consumers life easy.
Or going to the futuristics if there is some way to wirelessly charge the phone, just like we get the audio signal if we can charge the phone vi aa WAN then life could be even easier and we could do without miniaturisation with a single battery.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fast Evolving Technology Cycle

The speed with which tech is evolving is awe inspiring.

Look new App dev languages and versions every few months.

New Androoid versions, every few months.

Man is choice spoiling you or killing you.

Want to buy a laptop or mobile phone or the latest craze tablets,
there is a deluge in the market and they have their differentators.

Surely today you are in a position to give up your current gadgets for a new one ever more quickly than before.

Just like a new GF or BF every friday, with a new Movie release.

Phones from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars to , diamond studded million bargains, there is one even for beggars, and one for a king.

Difficult to keep pace with the technology for developers,
and at the same time producing interesting content and marketing it was never as exciting and possible for even small time technocrats.

With opportunities galore for a leap into the future.

Now is the time to get inventive or be a smart customer with a Golden Age Gadget.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A Smart Adaptor : Embedded Electronics

Customer safety was never a priority for Indian or World companies.

Think of it like this, earphones used with music players and phones are not the best for ears.

Similarly there was a recent accident of a man burning to death using laptop.

How embedded electronics could come to rescue,

if only human life was precious.

If the adaptor has a small circuit maybe costing 20 Rs only,

which cuts off the current supply if high current is detected at the end of the circuit which should be at 12 Volts.

Also one of the same tricks at the laptop body will make sure a current shock never occurs.

But people do die at ATM's getting a shock,

where this small frugal engineering could save precious Human Life.