Thursday, May 31, 2007

How to make Blogosphere more exciting

How can blogosphere made more interesting. One way is what IBIBO did reward cash, but what IBIBOI didnt do is adequate and merit compensation.I was recently reading newspaper reports and I came across this particular info. A blog named which every week decides upon a particular topic and makes every blogger post pictures on that subject . Now that makes for some interesting and Variety blogging. Even we at IBIBO Sphere can decide on weekly themes and every body should write on that theme and make these available at a single page.Say what guys, as always hai na kamaal ka Idea.Rajeev Da jawaab Nahi.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hard Disk Failure

Did you know that hard disks can also fail. If you have a computer it is always important to take the back up of your important fies, data et al. With coming of new dual layer DVD's which any tom,dick and harry can afford you could take back up of upto 8.5 GB per disk or 4.7 GB per single layer DVD disk. Or about 670 MB on a CD. But what if all your data is important and you always need a copy of whatever you are saving. One option is using External hard Disk with casing. Sizes available begin from 20 GB to 500 GB with prices at Rs. 2700 to 24,500 respectively. Also rediff now provides you with unlimited storage so you can store all your media files online.Cool guys, any other idea of what could be done to back up your data?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Breaking the Non-Usability Clutter

Mostly the technology products and software products are cluttered with multifunctions to the extent that usability suffers. Usability is the Satisfaction Quotient of Customer with your product. It is not that customer uses what is designed but it is that product is designed with user profile and educational back ground in mind. A low end BOP cell should be made by keeping in the mind that user is illiterate and must use local language which the user understands or voice interface should be used. This is only one example, you could your self think of many such examples.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Robots that mop

Currently at 300-400 million dollars the Robotics Industry is bound to grow to 5-6 billion dollars industry in a coule of years.Famous applications of the Robots are 1. Robots to detect landmines in Iraq and Afghanistan.2. Robots which detect mines under sea.3. Robots which mop the floor ( Domestic Help).4. Robots which can combatDepending on your need these robots are available in the range of Rs 25,000 dollars to 1, 40,000 dollars. Masachusetts and california in US are hot centres of robotic activity. All the above robots are actually being sold, and if your husband wants a homely wife you could very well ask him to buy one from US.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kirusa's Voice SMS

Now one would be able to send voice SMS, dial * and phone number and speak for 30 seconds, and voila your message would be sent. Advantages, yes, it would be damn cheap and you could talk in any language at any speed recording more per second. Also emotions and verbal cues could make the messages more meaningful for the recipients.In India Idea is working on it and Pak and Bangla is also companies are also pursuing teh project.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The future is all robotic

If Indians thought that they could be domestic help to wetern aging coutries then the always - ready - to - be - exploited work force requires to think twice. Robots are being designed for every thing from being domestic help and waiters to those who could fight wars. In fact South Korea has been a pioneering and forward sighted in creating laws for the conduct of Robots. Robots should not harm human race and also set the technical and ethical limits for the development of the Robots. Some say that it shackles freewheeling in designing future hi-tech robots. But critics have for long dreaded a situation when the robots take over the human race.
Well till the time we have a situation, when robots will say humans exploit us and we want a separate state or nation and special privileges,or a separate planet and start reproducing and living like human races, lets keep the planet abound with life


A cigartee which costs a whopping $ 200 . Touted as the e-Cigarette it was introduced in 2005 and since then its sales have gone up by a humonguos 1000%. Wow it shows that people have become aware of the health hazard posed by the Cigarette , and are trying to quit smoking.
There is a catridge which delivers nicotine at very reduced rates through the inhaler.Sold now in China, Israel, Turkey, and Europe, the battery-powered ‘ciggie’ is yet to hit the United States. Sold now in China, Israel, Turkey, and Europe, the battery-powered ‘ciggie’ is yet to hit the United States. This is the age of e-commerce. People portended that paper will become obsolete with the coming of e-Book and e-Paper but it did not happen. Will it happen with the Cigarette industry. Remains to be seen.

Technology and Database Marketing

Business wants to grow fast and for that a number of tools are provided by the technology providers. One such tool is database marketing. Create a database of your customer. Know their preferences and other life style choices. You can use all this information to create or customise products for your cutomers and cross sell or upsell products to them.

People now days prefer not to disclose their personal information and in countries like US there are laws governing privacy. Its very important to understand the thin line between impinging privacy and customer delight. More on it in upcoming posts.