Friday, May 18, 2007

The future is all robotic

If Indians thought that they could be domestic help to wetern aging coutries then the always - ready - to - be - exploited work force requires to think twice. Robots are being designed for every thing from being domestic help and waiters to those who could fight wars. In fact South Korea has been a pioneering and forward sighted in creating laws for the conduct of Robots. Robots should not harm human race and also set the technical and ethical limits for the development of the Robots. Some say that it shackles freewheeling in designing future hi-tech robots. But critics have for long dreaded a situation when the robots take over the human race.
Well till the time we have a situation, when robots will say humans exploit us and we want a separate state or nation and special privileges,or a separate planet and start reproducing and living like human races, lets keep the planet abound with life

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