Friday, October 17, 2008

Adaptive Security

Adaptive Security

There are the Viruses, there are the worms, there are Trozan Horses, Malware and Spyware not to forget mentioning Phishing attacks. Data theft and inadvertent changes, disgruntled and dishonest employees. The list of vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure is unending. And so are the latest attacks which are getting more and more sophisticated with each passing day. But there is no software which can deal with all these attack points with any degree of success or accuracy. It is found that any anti virus software at any given time only detects with 35% accuracy. So many threats are always looming large on your computer and corporate LAN.

Also hackers are advancing in there level of intrusion designing adaptive intelligent worms which can plant Trozan Horses to steal data from your corporate chest. Viruses can spread all around the net within 10 minutes. Think of the Business Catastrophe the whole world sits on today, dependent on internet for the Business Communication. Hence it is important not to depend completely on VOIP for your corporate communication and have a second line of communication to be a bit less vulnerable to internet crash.

SME’s are most affected by this scenario as they have a smaller budget but need to deal with the same level of threat as that of a big organization. Hence there is a need of a Integrated Security solution which manages all these aspects and is also easier to manage and doesn’t work as silos. Different applications from different vendors makes manageability and complete threat management a very difficult task.

Even big organizations could benefit from unified threat management solutions integrated to help the organizations in defending from all types of threats and offering cost and manageability benefits to the users.

The security industry could gain by pooling resources and hiring hackers into a R&D setup which would look at the solution from the point of view of the problem. As hackers brains could be harnessed for the benefit of the society at large.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sometimes You Digress

Microsoft Vista, a product many don’t swear by. Although there are some rave reviews about its security and interface. But XP remains favorite with many users in India and Asia. So Microsoft has decided that it will continue to support this product till the 2014’s well long before Vista would end its support. XP had Service Pack 3 released earlier this year and Vista Pack 1.

Maybe Microsoft could do well by pumping in some million dollars to make XP more alluring and place it as a competing product to Vista all this while trying and removing the glitches of Vista OS and working on in this regard.

So Vista actually turned out to be a dampener for Microsoft which created an advantage for Linux Open Source OS. Linux Red Hat is now choice for hundreds of commercial organizations running mission critical servers.

So the gain of one is the loss of another.

The Browser Wars : Will IE survive

Internet Explorer 8, Opera 9.5, Firefox 3.1 and Chrome from Google are the browsers that are involved in the slugfest of the browser wars. I see internet explorer loosing steam in coming times.

I run a website named and my personal blog which you are reading right now, and let me share my personal web browser habits data with you. I see that IE still has a major share but not a lions share. Opera and Firefox is fast encroaching the space which was hitherto occupied by the Microsoft’s internet explorer. IE has been a slow innovator copying most features from other more innovating smaller browsers and seems to be continuing to top the list because users refuse to change.

Opera is damn fast and looks really good interface. Firefox and Opera are competing neck to neck for a sizably chunked market share of second spot. Internet explorer is surely losing its 90% market share to settle initially to about 60% of market share. Slowly but surely other browsers are likely to make a killing and dislodge Internet Explorer from the Numero Uno spot.

Till then are you stuck with a habit.