Thursday, December 24, 2009

Windows 7 is In

But did Vista spoil the game and growth and monopoly momentum of Microsoft.

With Chromium entering the open source it is likely that IPR will force more and more users to open sourse OS.

Also virtual desktop and cloud computing is likely to affect the growth of OS market for all aspirants.

So what can Microsoft do in this scenario to preserve its fiefdom.

Only one thing and that is to reduce price and bundle OS with the Hardware Computer it self.

Also it could do well by innovating an edge for which people will be ready to pay a premium.

Otherwise going not to be so easy for the Giant vs. crowdsourced opensourced OS's.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whats up in Technology

So a post after many days.

Lots is happening in the field of technology.

makes it very difficult to choose a particular topic.

3 - D camera's which can capture 3 D images.

really something happening has happened.

Lots is happening in the field of Storage with 5 Dimensional storage devices evolving,
taking the density of storage very high.

Claytronis would emerge as a new mode of teleportation and communication technolgy in a decade or so.

IP v6 will support umpteen more addresses than the current v 4.

Tech landscape changes every 3 months.

New models of Laptops.

New processors.

Core i-7, Core i5 and the expected core i3.

Ok I am finding very difficult to find a topic to right about.

Even after many days I get comments from readers and fans are increasing, so I thight nothing wrong in writing a post now and then to oblige my readers.

have a nice tech life.