Monday, July 16, 2007

SMS Marketing Technology

WEll mobile is certainly as ubiquitous as human beings on Earth. So why not use this telecom technology to market. Well it is even being used successfully in developing countries like India. Mobiles can be used to send a marketing message and special offers to users who have signed up for receiving special offers through web sites or can even be used by the company to make the customer initiate an initial contact with the company. For example SMS to 7575 to receive more details. In return of the message the comapany could send an e-mail with details to an intelligent mobile owner or a representative of the company could call up the customer and take up the issue with him/her.

So opening up a new and easy channel to contact ( Touch Point Spectrum) with the company would obviously result in the companies generating more of enquiries and more closed sales .

Annonymous Bloggers

John Mackey CEO of Whole Foods Market did it for eight years successfully and got caught. Cases reported often hide the fact and underreport the total number of occurances which may be found in the real world. Blogging annonymously in favour of one's own company and attcking the competitors strategies and business models. In other words you can buy media through PR firms but not able to buy the Blog Media. Or can you do it by assuming fake identities and attacking your competitors while creating a viral good word of mouth about your own company.

Although unethical but who cares about ethics now-a -days. So an important lesson in corporate marketing through blog is assume annonymous identity and become your own companies staunch supporters.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Flash Face

There is this utility on the net at
You can create faces by choosing eyebrows, eyes, hairs, jaws and lips et al from a selection of assortments and move it using drag and drop and create a face. I tried to create a female face and ended up creating a male face and also could save it only on the Site, couldn't import it to share with you all.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Spammers get Innovative

Every body in management circles talk about innovation so why should spammers be behind. After using text message for spamming 90% of your mailbox and costing Rs 50,000 per employee per year lost in productivity, they defeated the filters developed for them and ceated Image spam with non - unique altered signatures to overwhelm the filters. Now they are out with a new system, spam in a link.
This new form of spam already reached 4% of total spam. Resulting in spam being able to fool the security filters again.
Guys are spammers not tech savvy.

Friday, July 06, 2007

A Ring Mouse

A new type of mouse is being developed which would be soon in market. The mouse is a miniature ring which can be worn on the finger and has 5 microphones to sense the movement of the hand. Depending on the motion of the hand the pointer moves on the screen and if you point it translates into a click.

Yet to hit the market I think this is a cool Innovation which deserves full marks on miniaturisation. My only apprehension is that the adverse affect of the ring as in the case of effect of mouse on wrists may not have been studied.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Chip Technology Nanoscale

Moores Law states that every two years transisitors on the chip double. Which has been the case up till now, but experts believe that in the future the same may not be possible.

Current chips are of 90nm scale. research is on on 65 nm and 45 nm scale chips. Recently IBM and Intel have started to focus on the 32 nm category and chips based on the same would be available in the market soon. In future research would be focussed on 22 and 16 nm chips.

What is all this talk about Nanoscale chips. This is the size of transistors, as the transistor size decreases more and more transistors can be packed on to the chip and energy requirement goes down and speed and powerfulness of the chip increases. Also there is economy of scale in productivity gains which result into chip cost dropping and the gains being passed on to the end consumer.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Doodle Seek Your Search

A US based company Imaginestics has developed a new search engine which searches a catalog of 3d images using a rough engineering sketch. This sketch is used to compare with an online catalog of 6000 parts at portal.

The search engine is supposed to help both the manufacturing companies and the retail customer. manufacturing comapnies deal with elephantine number of parts and shapes and remembering the codes and technical names of these products itself is a great headache and this search engine is made to make the job easier for the customer. Th esearch is completed in seconds compared to earlier searchs which could take hours to weeks to conduct search.

There are two obvious advantages of using this new system.

1. If comapanies want to hide the details of patented designs and only display on demand then it can certainly help the users and companies to hide the design details.

2. Also it is found that 10-16% of user parts are ordered via multiple vendors in global corporations causing millions or dollars down the drain in duplicated efforts. Duplicate designs are drawn from scratch resulting in wastage of time and effort. 3d-seek can be used to keep a track of parts and inventories in multilocation companies. It can also be used in a single location company to keep a track of spare parts.

When you submit the doodle ( Sketch ) a 3d image which can be rotated and viewed of all the parts which match the sketch is thrown up.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is skilled workforce available for Technology Companies

There has been a lot of talk about what should be the Academic-Industry linkage in order to provide the rightly skilled technical personnels to the companies. Some say Industry experienced people shold conduct lectures and be involved in framing of the syllabus of the Academic Institutions.

Some Institutions react by including a blank semister whose content is decided by the experts at the beginning of the Semester by looking at the trends and upcoming technologies.

But I have my own view that what is learnt on job can not be picked up through any academic project or live project work. Hense the earlier a person is involved in actual job, ie on the job the better.

Also concepts and problem solving should be fostered in the candidates, so that they are not afraid when they approach real life problems.

Taser Wielding Robots Remote Controlled

Human life is precious. That is one Maxim every body agrees to. So what technologies can be used to make human life more safer. One is using Robots for Combat and dangerous operations like dealing with terrorists and hostage situations. In the same pursuit a US comany has developed a Robot which can be remote controlled and made to fight unscruplous elements. Lets take it this way a robot equipped with taser can be remote controlled and made to fight terrorists.

Taser is a kind of Stun Gun used to stun clients who are out to kill the humanity. Also they can be used to diffuse mines in Iraq and Afghanistan. As long as robot doesn't decide when to shoot armed by AI experts believe that the technology is safe.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Hitachi out with a 1 TB Hard Disk

There are disks of 150 GB and 500 GB already in market from sea gate. Now this 1 TB 3 1/2 inch 7200 rpm drive from Hitachi. It has 32 mb cache and costs 29,300. Although 2 500 GB hard disks would cost you only a 13,000 Rs cost and works cheaper.

The hard disk is consisting of 5 platters, emits more heat and has higher response time . But compare it with this it has 10 times the density of ordinary disks as it uses a PMR ( Perpendicular Magnetic Recording ) compared to longitudunal recording.

All in all computers are all set to store Data Mines in Them.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Airchord Player Web 2.0 on Mobile

Now using Airchord Player from Air Chord you can blog, listen to FM radio, TV, Form your own networks, Juke Box and lots more of business applications like Video Conferencing on the move can be accessed via your Mobile.

This is serious progress over previous Mobile softwares where you can use your mobile also for searching and browsing in addition to the features mentioned above. In particular using Video Conferencing on the move just using your mobile is a particularly cost effective and powerful feature. Business users can rejoice on this and also other features match the profile of those who are particularly keen on using mobile for entertainment.