Saturday, September 29, 2007

The case for Branded PC Vis a Vis Assembled

Its but obvious, Branded PC's should be gone for. Why its just like asking why parents are better than neighbours. Well because they care more for you, and will be there for you at the time of disparity. Think it this way, like I mean people who have spent millions of dollars on product development and a whopping 6-8% of revenue in Advertisements are better supposed to understand customer care, they have better process and people to deal with and surely a better product and empathy.

Also they would not fly by the night and be there at the requisite time with features like the International travelers Warranty.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A Waterproof Notebook

Friends those were the days when PC were as large as a Big Building room, I am talking about Mainframes requiring a lot of space, maintenence and causing lot of noise and vibrations, required lot of cooling, and also lot of power.

But Matsushita took the effort on to the other direction this week by announcing its Waterproof and shock proof notebook PC. Now swim in the pool and chat or check e-mail. Or throw the laptop from the top of a building and get it in one peice at the bottom of the building.

Cool man, PC's are getting rugged is a good news as they can double up as a portable entertainment device and an object of business transactions. Also more power packed and efficient m/c's mean more productivity at work.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is technology evolving too slowly

Is technology evolving too slowly. I mean I think by the pace and the momentum of technological advancement in and around the globe,( esp in AI ) by now we should have had an application for automatically developing a package in a specified language with just goals being set for technical specifications and performance requirements, and presto withi a few minutes 10 -15 different avatars are ready, pre tested for your final approval.
Humanm beings just exercise finer judgement and nuances t choose the software they like. I think current technology is enough to support such unctionality. Then is it just lack of thought and creativity that these applications are not developed, or is it to feed xillions of Cyber Coolies in earning their livelyhood.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An Innovative Company

Although Apple was not as successful as Microsoft in marketing its MAC PC's but it is well known to be a very innovative company. It created blockbuster product called I-Pod which created ripples in the IT market. Apple also recently unveiled Safari browser which despite its bugs is the fastest browser in the market, twice faster than IE and 1.6 times faster than Firefox. It proves how the best product in the market is beatable by the right competitor and right R&D in place.

Microsoft has also recently been nimble in marketing through innovation, its XBOX 360 was a very successful product.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Portable DVD Players

Now entertainment is available on the move. Use a portable battery powered DVD player and watch favorite content and Photo's in the comfortable precincts of Car, or trains. Technology with evolution has made it damn convenient to access entertainment at the click of a button. IPods have miniaturised to a great extent. They are stylish and elegant in look and easy to use. Also they are very power efficient and available in various colors and also many high storage models.

So guys enjoy the fruits of technology.

Technology and Obsolescence

You get a DVD which can play dual layer DVD, next day sony unveils a DVD format Blu - Ray compliant DVD. Now your yesterdays investment becomes a total waste. So one has to plan their technology investment in avery meticulous way. Be it a business be it a home. One needs to be aware of the emerging technologies and their life cycles. One needs to be prepared to dispose of old products in favor of new products. Emotions should not be carried and agility should be shown in adopting new products.

These new products have their own advantages, it could be better performance or convenience or energy efficiency. So say good bye to your old product today.