Monday, February 26, 2007

Rock Phishing

Generally intelligent browsers have built in anti - phishing protection ,where there are lists of Black listed Phishing Web-Sites about 35,000 at last count. Browsers take care to avoid attacks from such devices. But in rock fishing the attackers with collaboration with Zombie or Bot NET keep changing their IP address and use sub domains to keep changing the list of IP's which the black list site maintainers find it difficult to update.

Opera Mini 3.0

Opera has graduated from desktop browser to the Mobile platform browser of choice. It is now flaunting photo blogging and RSS feed facility in addition to the normal browsing functions. OPera Mini 3 is the third improved version of the software and HTML pages in addition to the WAP pages can also be easily browsed using this software.There is very little competition in the field of Mobile Application Development from the IT software biggies.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Computer Aided Architectural Design ( CAAD )

CAAD popularly called. Computers are being used in the field of architecture for the purpose of visualisation and designing better solutions. It is also a cheaper way to come up with models which can be altered without the accompanying cost of the physical model alteration. Hense it turns up to be a cost effective solutions. Also more designs can be presented to the owner for the purpose of choosing the right one. There is also the advantage of analysing a house for energy consumption. THere aer software add ons to find which positions of windows would give maximum light at daytime and what positioning of lighting would design an energy efficient house.

Follow me TV from Motorola

Innovation is the order of the day. The sophisticated rich Digital Home was a reality long back now there are addinums to it. Motorola is coming up with a TV which will play the same program if you move from one room to another or the kitchen. Obviously all the TV's will be network. This is to overcome the image of TV making a person a couch patato.

Germs Zapper

A Zap m/c portable has been developed which can be used to zap bird flu h5n1 virus and also other harmful bacteria. This machine uses ultra violet rays to kill the germs after being exposed for some seconds kept at a distance of a few inches. It can be used to Zap , toys, tooth brushes et al. Over in all a useful device. It can kill H5N1 virus with an accuracy of 99.99 %.

Hope some day spray to kill AID's virus would be out.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Safeguarding Your Privacy

If you are working from a cafe, be sure that you erase the history of all the sites you visit, and all the cookies stored on the computers. Cookies are bits of your personnel information stored on the computer by the web site you visit to customise your details.
Make sure you always say no to " Should I save your password"? prompt by window.
If your are using internet explorer, use the Tools / Internet Options to erase your history and cookies, there are two coomand buttons for them in the window. If using crazy browser use the clear history option, if using the Firefox use the clear private details option of the browser. Remember Cyber Cafe is public and any one can use this information to defraud you or stalk you.
Be safe, keep browsing.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Technology Galore : Reading the Mind

A technology has been developed using which the scan of the brain can be made and interpreted to know the intentions of a person. The experiments are still in its infancy stage. The scan is just like the MRI scan.

An experiment was carried out on a group of volunteers who when subjected to the test , the results of if they were going to perform an addition or a subtraction was predicted correctly 70% of the time.

According to the scientists there are patterns in the areas of brain which gets lighted according to the type of thoughts in the mind.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Gaming Wars

The figures of december sales of gaming colsoles is out. Microsoft leads with 1.2 million units followed by Nintendo with about six lakhs and Sony's PS3 struggling at a distant 3rd position with less than 5 lakh units sold. So far so good, apart from Microsoft having gained a first mover advantage, the advantage which Nintendo's WII enjoys is that it is chepear ( 250 $) compared to XBOX 360 ( 400 $ ) and sonys PS3 ( 600 $) . Also the remote control of the Wii induces motion and is more interactive in nature.

Nintendo was the undisputed leader when it all started and again Nintendo seems to be gaining an edge compared to Sonys Playstation 3.0.

Toshiba Launches Triple Layer HD DVD

In the race for supremacy in the DVD market, Toshiba has recently unveiled a triple layer HD DVD which can store 17 GB on each layer compared to the 15 GB of rival technologies totalling a coll 51 GB per HD DVD.

Toshiba has also unveiled a DVD writer for the Desktop which is capable of writing to HD DVD , normal DVD's and CD's.

Sonic Fingerprinting

To identify and categorize the Authentic artworks from the fakes, a sonic fingerprinting method has been developed. The painting i shit by a rubber hammer and the vibrations are receorded. Based on this information one can easily find out if there are cracks in the painting, if it needs restoration or can it be restored. It also can be used to prevent fraud art work. But the system is expensive at 26,000 $ to 28,000 $ per finferprinting and for accuracy the process has to be repeated every few years.

Say what.

Google Earth 4

Google Earth 4.0 is a totally 3D oriented model of Earth. Although still nota complete and accurate model of the Earth, still it contains 3D renderings of many important structures. Google Earth also has a sketch up tool using which you can draw the 3D models of your buildings and structures and share them in overlays on Google Earth.

Sketch Up is a free tool which can be used for creating 3D models of buildings and other structures.

Monday, February 05, 2007

New Technologies

Researchers are day in and day out tring to create new devices and gadgets. Recently I read that research is on to create a flying car, which was so far heard of only in Sci-Fi, but now it is supposed to become a reality soon. A reasearcher has created a car which can fly upto three feet. Soon he intends to create a marketable version of his car so that this invention of his could be used for disaster releif operations in urban areas where helicopters can not venture because of choppers. Other day I read about research on invisible cloaks, Nano - Machines, Wow, looks like there is no end to it.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Drive Hands Free

Ford has teamed up with Microsoft and are coming up with an in car Entertainment and Communication system. This will make sure that using voice commands you are able to send SMS's and receive messages as well as give commands for particular songs to play all with your hands assuringly on the car steering wheel. Cool so now have your entertainment and follow up your office work all while having safety assured. Hope the marketable version would be out soon.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Humour and Technology

In Iraq there are situations when communication has to be done with the local people, there are no Translators available for obvious reasons. Hands are carrying gunsand are not free to refer to books. There comes to aid IraqiComm a translator software which can translate from Iraqi to English and English to Iraqi. For now it works only with a specific domain ie Military and Medical purposes.

Softwares not only contributes to economies and GDP , but also saves lives.