Monday, September 29, 2014

Solving the Work Flow Programming Glitches of IRCTC Booking

So its wrong to ask customers to punch the details after a payment transaction fails.
So what are the ways around the glitch.


This is my favorite, use cookies or HTML 5 Local Browser Storage to store the form details & retrieve without making expensive ( Both for customers & Indian Railways ) server round trips.

2. JSF Managed Session Bean: 

Use sticky sessions & JSF managed session bean or plain session variables to solve the re data entry pain & time waster at time of tatkal booking.

3.Store In database:

If session is lost recover through form details thru database.

4. Policy based storage & payment re tries.

Give the option to user to decide one of or all the 3 ways to store details in policy of data persistence.
Also policy for bank gateway connection,
like try 3 times till booking succeeds or till funds last.

5.My Personal favorite is also have Cloud Hosting & never refuse a connection:

Any refused connection is like a lost business opportunity , good will & lack of professionalism,
with auto load based up scaling & down scaling of resources,
never refuse a festival rush for booking by site outages.
That's what the century is all about.