Friday, December 17, 2010

Is Universe a Screen Saver

Humans have so far learn to read the Face. Some don't even do that accurately. But a dog can read a mind. If a man with bad intent is lurking Human Police man may not notice. But a dog would bark. That is why dogs are a part of terrorists squad and homicide dept, in US with their own ranks as officers.
It simply means that human may be better overall, but their may be special faculties in animals and lower forms of life, which may be applied in new research or man can teamwork with animals for a better living. For example rats are used to detect mine fields in war as their weight is far too less to trigger the mines.
So a Human Being may be better over all but may not be the best design available in the nature. If man understands this , man can come in a state to look for perfection.
Neural Networks are being based on the assumption that Human Being is the best. So instead of designing A Human Brain Neural Network, why not think that there may be a better design. Human being's prime vision that they have a brain , could be their fundamental weakness. So they may be hard wired in the brain to not to see beyond their realms.
Maybe an insect can see what we don't. But there is the communication problem. And there is the superiority complex, that we are the best. Do you know that pARIs Japanica flower's gene is hundreds of time complex than the Human gene. But scientists ticked it off as that lot of the genes may be junk. But it is better to put off what we don't understand.
Is beauty not high definition and requires a lot of ingredients. These are just some of the thoughts I have. May be you could expand the reality and look beyond the sheath of stars which could just be a screen saver of heaven.
What do you think of this article?
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gaming and Cloning : Sci Fi

What would be the limit of AI in Gaming. Maybe 20 years hence. A clone of MS Dhoni( Indian Cricketer ) a character which mimics Dhoni exactly as his Human existence with the same genetic blue print and also the same neuron modelling which takes the same decisions as the real Dhoni.

So you could have a Honemoon virtual gaming at its best, playing with a opponent team of real simulated players you always wanted to play with. You could also play with a team made of your favorite players froam any countries teams or counties and also past best players who are no longer alive.

It coudl also be usedas training tool for up and coming players to learn from the best in a digital mode.

You could use the same for other popular games like tennis,Foot Ball, Soccer et al.Many of my avid followers may have followed how many of my posts resulted in real world inventios. Happy blogging.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Future of AI Cinema : Sci Fi

I was thinking ofwhat would be thefutureofCinema and this is what came to my mind.

1. Holographic Theatre, where the Movie is shown with holographic technique. That is far more interesting than a 3D cinema which is based on perception. Imagine the heroine flying inside the thetre with space aerobics and showering flying kisses to the audience.

2. Customised stories. With artificial intelligence and Actor Automation and modelling. Write your own story and see it happen with Supercomputers rendering the scenes according to user preferences. Orwatcha movie whose story you like with your favorite star cast.

Never say never again

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Guidelines for Buying a new Smart Phone

Hundreds of Models to choose from, you surely need a mechanism for choosing a right model. Android OS 2.1 will make sure you get lakhs of free open source apps to use. But if you choose exclusivity go for Apple I- Phone . Paid apps are surely going to feel and work better than open source. Apart from that 1 GHz processor is a norm today witrh at least 8 GB of memory for HD video recording and uploading to youtube support for instant sharing of videos to your friends.

5 MP of Camera would suffice for most. Multi touch capacitive screen is used for finger touch control, is also a must. Also look for style qoutient and your favorite social networking apps preloaded would be an added plus. Also look for your budget constraints and choose a I-Ihone ,Samsung or HTC or a BlackBerry Model.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Claytronics and Magic

Can you imagine your phone changing color in a theme set by you when ever your spouse calls you, or turning red when your boss calls you on a Saturday evening. Claytronics can make it all happen. So programmable material which may change color and shape at a micro level.

So your phone could turn into a USB drive ( A pure one and store all the transitional data in a central memory) so that you can get back your contacts when you want back your phone.

So you can have new type of multifunctional devices which change their architecture and performs the intended function most optimally.

Sounds like a Science Fiction but may soon become a reality.

Imagine a processor which changes the number of cores and its architecture and goes into different modes like Gaming, Computation or any other specialized function depending on the use.So a mutant processor which changes the gates or cores depending on the load.

I hope I may have such a device in my hand one day, which could turn into a rose or a gun.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The origins of Cosmos

We all know that a big bang took place and later when things cooled down the life was formed.

So I have this theory similar to that of Matrix. All of us are made of same thing like what went bust when big bang occured. So there is a kind of material polymorphysm when all that material has changed form and assembled to give something like that of a life form.

Just like metal age and becomes brittle. So even metals may be having a life cycle.
For years there has been this concept of Aatma or Soul. But how can one belive in what is not seen.

Or is everything we see Physical. All physical things have a boundary. So every thing is placed in some thing, so where is the end of it all.

Is it all an illusion and if so what is the secret of all these illusions.

Could it be virtual reality, just like a computer screen saver , one feels that they are in an endless world. Or is Physical world a concentration camp for life at some other place to endure pain by the Human beings.

We are all bound by the matrix of life and material. Is it a quiz , yet to be solved by a Human being or a scientist.

Could there be more life elsewhere in the cosmos, and those people highly sophisticated or primitive copmpared to life on Earth.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Choosing your smart Phone

Choosing your smart phone is now a very difficult thing bcos,

new models are coming so frequently.

But a few things to keep in mind.

Utility required out of your phone.

If you will be using it more for buiness or social works would decide which model you choose.

It is better to have separate phones for the same bcos social tools may be used to steal your private business data more easily.

Also a 3-4 MP Camera is decent enough to have.

But if you want status you could go for higher end models with HD video recording which you could even use for a business purpose or two.

If money is not aproblem it is not very bad idea to change your smart phone every six months or 1 year with the latest shine in your hands and a smile on your collegues face.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Formal vs. Informal IT Education

Now thats an old dilemma.

Formal education will give a firm standing and basics to the student.

But theer are various subject like hacking which can not eb taught but need to be explored and learnt.

There are a number of IT colleges in India who are churning graduates with theorotical background who are ultimately unemployable.

So what needs to be done is that education should be linked to experience.

A high schooler who could install windows 7 is better than a BE C.Sc who doesn't know much about Vista.

Also curriculam at colleges lack currency.

Those who read journals in the subjects like IT and management may be very forward in their knowledge compared to BE's or MS IT of many universities.

But people without formal degrees are looked down upon, and not easy to get a job.
So what do you think?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Innovation Intel

Intel is sure upto good stead with its i-7, i-5 and i3 range of Nehalam Processors.

There is a good PC for every need and there is choice,
what else the consumer or a prosumer may like.

There may be new models but no dough to get a new one for many now.

Hundreds of new models every month . just like the mobile and digital Camera market.

So finally the big companies are inventing and not copying the start ups.

There is a PC and processor for every budget and every use.

Its becoming difficult to keep track of hot models with new ones every month if not week.

So go ahead if you are thinking of buying a new PC , just keep in mind if it has a processor which woul not make you regret buying one for at least two years, like the i-5 for home users.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

What is a smart TV : Science Fiction

Sure a smart TV is not yet invented,
A smart Phone sure is there.
So just like a smart phone a smart TV would be a hybrid of computer and TV.
It would take my voice commands and switch channels and volumes.
It will take instructions on my favorite channels and send me SMS or voice mail to remind me of my programs,
Also I could SMS instruct it or phone it to record my favorite programs when I am out.
It would have about 100 TB of memory to create digital libraries of my fav songs and previews.
It would double up as a computer in spare time and allow me to internet.
It would show any of the progras in any native language I want with inbuilt translation capability.
And shucks any eligible guy reads this post will create this TV in two years or less,
and what credit rajeev gets,
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