Friday, December 17, 2010

Is Universe a Screen Saver

Humans have so far learn to read the Face. Some don't even do that accurately. But a dog can read a mind. If a man with bad intent is lurking Human Police man may not notice. But a dog would bark. That is why dogs are a part of terrorists squad and homicide dept, in US with their own ranks as officers.
It simply means that human may be better overall, but their may be special faculties in animals and lower forms of life, which may be applied in new research or man can teamwork with animals for a better living. For example rats are used to detect mine fields in war as their weight is far too less to trigger the mines.
So a Human Being may be better over all but may not be the best design available in the nature. If man understands this , man can come in a state to look for perfection.
Neural Networks are being based on the assumption that Human Being is the best. So instead of designing A Human Brain Neural Network, why not think that there may be a better design. Human being's prime vision that they have a brain , could be their fundamental weakness. So they may be hard wired in the brain to not to see beyond their realms.
Maybe an insect can see what we don't. But there is the communication problem. And there is the superiority complex, that we are the best. Do you know that pARIs Japanica flower's gene is hundreds of time complex than the Human gene. But scientists ticked it off as that lot of the genes may be junk. But it is better to put off what we don't understand.
Is beauty not high definition and requires a lot of ingredients. These are just some of the thoughts I have. May be you could expand the reality and look beyond the sheath of stars which could just be a screen saver of heaven.
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