Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gaming and Cloning : Sci Fi

What would be the limit of AI in Gaming. Maybe 20 years hence. A clone of MS Dhoni( Indian Cricketer ) a character which mimics Dhoni exactly as his Human existence with the same genetic blue print and also the same neuron modelling which takes the same decisions as the real Dhoni.

So you could have a Honemoon virtual gaming at its best, playing with a opponent team of real simulated players you always wanted to play with. You could also play with a team made of your favorite players froam any countries teams or counties and also past best players who are no longer alive.

It coudl also be usedas training tool for up and coming players to learn from the best in a digital mode.

You could use the same for other popular games like tennis,Foot Ball, Soccer et al.Many of my avid followers may have followed how many of my posts resulted in real world inventios. Happy blogging.

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