Wednesday, January 09, 2013

An Addiction Called Facebook

One in every six on Earth is a active monthly user of Facebook.
A humongous elephantine figure by any count.

There are advantages and disadvantages of being in the loop. So it is important to manage your social networking life.

It is required to be cautious about the double edged sword, with latest news indicating that it may cause many nuisances in later life.

Well it begins at 13 or 14 years of age even for Indians and hence all should know that you may be divulging too many details of self on the net or falling prey to stalkers and multiple personality syndrome which may affect your marital harmony and convert it into a cacophonous discord.

Even your harmless flirting with a fabulous avatar which hardly represents your real identity may spoil some body's life.

So ethic is not doing to some one what you yourself may not approve.

Too many followers may some time convert into too many problems

While Facebook is now trying to commercialize its operations and you may face more and more intrusive ads and behavioral tracking. 

So it is possible to get a raw deal even for adults.

So make some rules when online and follow diligently to save yourself from the online dangers.

Technology Planet

CPU's are evolving briskly. There are programmable CPU's being developed for phones which can work as video,audio and radio chips.

There are Phablet's which through their performance would make a desktop shy.

Moreover the Tablet Phones are MFD's with high end cameras and all and sundry apps available on phones makes the life of a avid phone lover more and more exciting while packing exciting stuff in his reach.

High resolution pictures and videos are never a convenience today. A good life for amateur artists when they can share their stuff easily on you tube right with a single share button of their phone.

Quad core phones are at the higher end of the Smart Phone spectrum. The customer is spoiled  for choice and configurations

I think the future is of smart phones.

There are free office apps like Kingston Office in Android Play Store which support latest doc viewing and editing making the life of a office goer smooth while making working mobile a affordable solution.

So if you are in two minds about a smart phone , there is nothing wrong in trying one. Many good smart phones are available in the 10,000 to 12,000 Rs range.

Knowing technology today is a certain edge in job as well as for students. Knowledge is a click away.

Where battery remains a pain point in smart phones, if you are buying an Android or other smart phone make sure at least 2500 mAh of battery so that it can last for a day of decent usage.    

So surely this century belongs to technology Even gods may be vying for a i-Phone or i-Pad.

Till next time have a nice day and a happy new year.