Saturday, December 29, 2007

Economy At Second Life

Did you know that SL has its own citizens who can earn through the virtual existence off the Community. For example you could buy space in plush locations and set up a pub or disco and make a decent earning.

Many people became millionaires just by being on the community and earning Linden dollars. There is a real Real Estate in which million of Sq. Mtres. are sold and bought every year.

VR Innovation

A new VR has been designed which will give you immersive illusion while exercising at home that you are into another world cycling in a faraway town and seeing strange things to keep boredom at bay.
ALL this while you pedal your cycle and wear a goggle to give you the experience. This is quite an innovative application of virtual reality which gives a regular exerciser more inspiration to do exercise and improve health. It breaks the monotony and demotivation of working in the same setting at all the times.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Now Robots would be Your Wives

Good news for nerds, robots are being developed which would be a able to play the role of your wives. For those with sexual dysfunction would now be able to enjoy the benefits of socialising with a female.

Also those people who are shy of women but are not technology averse would also be able to use the robot to learn the social skills to deal with women. All in all a very good news for all those who love technology and Social Robots are on their way to enrich your lives in ways hitherito not possible till now.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


As the bandwidth of the internet increases to GBPS range it would be possible for you to be present at two places at one time. YOu could be attending a meeting at a far off place interecting with others in real time. This is happening now but with glitches through Conferencing but no 3D images are possible.

Also Nokia has launched internet radio for some of the high end models and is soon planning to roll it out on other models also.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Server Virtualisation, Consolidation and TCO

Using Hardware and Application consolidation results in cost savings through reduced power and maintenance of the server cost and buying fewer licences of software. Hense you can think of using virtualiation and consolidation to reduce your data center bill or your server farm cost of operating.

New investment in Hardware or software should be done taking into consideration all these factors as the new blade and rack servers are very high on computing power and power efficiency and hense all these factors can very easily contribute towards reducing the Total Cost of Operation and Maintenence. Also the architecture results in reduced real estate requirements which is so very much crucial in running the operations in a Real Estate costly ( Read Cosmopolitan ) environment.

Also simplicity in the data Center also results in ease with which scaling can be done by taking into account the upgradibility of processor accomodated by your motherboard. Backup and restoration is also simplified.

But one point is that high availability would be required as if one node fails multiple applications can go down, hense increasing the criticality of the Appllications stored on these architetures.

Open Source Vs. Revenue Model

Its been a debate of late if open source is good or not. I think its situational. For developing countries and for those who can not afford it gives a cheap source of software which can be bundled with the hardware cost. But I think to continue with the revenue genaration model is required for the excellence and innovation to be continued and benchmarks pushed upwards at all the times.

Hense both open source and paid model should be continued at all the times.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Driverless Autonomous Cars

Now they have test run Autonomuos cars in actual traffic for 60 miles with mostly meeting with success and a rare accident and a few misses. But old people and handicapped people will soon be able to be assited by Robo Driver which would assist you on long drives and also help you to park your car automatically with out the assistance of any driver. It is equipped with sensors and devices which will help it to detect obstacles and other targets and use AI to overcome situations at road.
Well look forward to buying one from Mercedes in a couple of years which would be totally glitch free.

Nintendos Medical Application

Nintendo Wii Medico

Wii has a number of games like Boxing, Golf, Bowling, Base Ball, Tennis et al where motion gloves are used to play and interact with the console. Hense it is being used in Canada to treat stroke patients to recover and develop and strengthen their muscles. Hense it appears that gaming is no longer only a dysfunctional activity spurring violence in kids but also do have its own positives which are being appreciated with passing time.

Video Games Being used For Education

In US games are being used for experiential teaching. For teaching concepts which can not be taught in Class Room. For example to teach ethics in real life like a decision may have to be taken if stealing some ones organs from cemetery would be justified to save some ones life.

I think it’s a concept whose idea has come. It makes learning a fun activity and teaches higher order concepts in a much simpler manner.

A Supercomputer on Chip

A Supercomputer of the Size of Chip

Yes its Strange but a near possibility in about 5-10 years if every thing goes right. We always heard of memory going the chip way but now we hear of Supercomputer on chip. How it is made possible. Well by using optical signals than electric ones using electro – optical modulators. The speed of data transfer would increase by a factor of 100 and the energy expended would decrease by a factor of 10. Size would be 10-1000 times smaller than a typical super computer of today.

So data intensive applications requiring mission critical speed would be made possible at a miniature level saving on space and power consumption.

A Laptop A Child

First there was this attempt to create a 100 Dollars laptop for students of less privileged countries Now comes the effort from India to develop a full functional HIFi Notebook PC for a cost of 10,000 to 15,000 INR. Its an attempt to create equal opportunity for all and bridge the digital divide which exists in India and else where.

Also lot needs to be done in the field of User Interface which is most probably going to be a any language voice input or control via brain electric waves. Research is already on in this field and lot more is expected in the coming 1/2 a decade.

I hope we are able to accoomlpish the goal of having 1 laptop in every house by 2014, so that e-commerce and education can take a good leap ahead. Also I hope that we are able to build in same capabilities even in the Mobile to build a business network where every one in the world is connected to every one else by just a two node social network.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ad Democratisation

Hey I think there are number of sites like IndiaTimes blog in India where you blog and the site hoster makes money, I think this is a very outdated way of transacting business and users should be provided of making enough money online depending on their popularity and content produced.

Recently 1500 facebook users placed ads in their profile page against the rules. Some internet revolution of sorts. More of it required all over.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Translation Software Galore

Lots of software in Market. Recently Japan developed one which works on Cell and converts words for tourists. India has developed one recently which translates 10 languages. But the ultimate is yet to come. Ultimate software according to me would be one which would do the translation realtime with minimal of lag and result into telephonic talks between people of various languages possible. Or face to face talk with the assistance of m/c's.

Come on scientists we are waiting for your cest works.

Muscical Robots

Previously I reported on Robots which could play muscical instruments, I could further gather that they play violen and Trumpet. Any one of you tinking of starting a Zombie Orchestra contact Toyota.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Your Dream Notepad at 36,000 Rs.

Dell Vostro 1400 Notebook

14.1 " Screen
1280 X 800 Resolution
Core 2 Duo Processor T 5270
Vista Home Basic Preinstalled
1 GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM @ 667 MHz
150 GB Sata HDD @ 5400 MB

I think a good notebook for your Video, Entertainment and General Purpose Applications.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Intelligent Tutors : Virtual Teacher

OK its ready for Middle School and Primary. A one to One AI powereer tutor which will be able to sense the student mood and accordingly modify the delivery mechanism or make changes to the voice and subject.

The mouse used would be an intelligent one monitoring heart rate and deducing the mood of the student. Human may always be required for educating the students but this could work as an educational supplement.

I am waiting for the ultimate product where higher education would be interactive and fun o learn using virtual teachers like the Eve which has been developed.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Vista OS is a Bad Product

The virdict is out. Its lot more slower than XP SP2. Cool new addinium. Some claim there is more stability but for me, XP is stable and robust enough apart from that most software of use work on it.

Microsft is coming out with SP3 for XP which is good news for India which would increase speed by 10% over SP2 also a SP1 is expected for Vista to improve speed.

Hope you made right upgradation choices.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Collapsable Cars ans Scooters

It is being touted as the new mode of transport for the modern cluttered cosmopolitan cities. A taiwan companySYM has designed a Scooter and car model which is collapsable and solves the commuting problem in congested urban center. The car will have no engine and will have a robot wheel which will be self contained and the car could rotate 360 degrees to circumvent the navigation problem. It would save space and would be electrically charged as it would not require fossil fuel hense leading to a saving in cost and pollution. Anybody picks any vehical from stations and airports and park them elsewhere.

CSR in Commuting, good enough.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Focus Vs. Hedging Risk

I am a regular reader of one of the leading technical blog of blogosphere. Half the times there are news of sell outs and dead pools. ( Companies which wind ). Which lead me to ponder on these points as to what makes a company click focus or hedging risk. Put it in other words does diversification increases risk or does it reduce the risk. Or is it such a simple question at all or is it circumstantial and dependent on the Situation. Common wisdom is having divergent business reduces dependence on recesssion in one sector or vertical and hedges risk. But then it requires Rent of Diversification and that is Management Talent. Different management talent is required to handle more businesses. Much more data is required to be crunched and much more agility has to be shown. The top management needs to be at toe all the times and is required to show endurance in managment, while thinking of the future of the organisation ( Strategic manoeuvres ) and also firefighting the daily or weekly crises which the companies face.

Dozens of books can be written on the subject, what you think, what is your take.

Technology To Reverse Aging

Scintists have developed the technique to stop a geen which is responsible for ageing purpose. This gene can be stopped locally at any organ level or face to restore the youth of the organ or the face. The gene if fully stopped doesnt stop aging completely as it is required for the functioning of certain immune system of the body and if tried to restore youth for the whole body can cause death , also it is not known if the effect is reversible ie do aging start again or is it permanently restored.So technology for youth restoration is on its way. Hang on guys, Now U will be able to inhabit the Earth for ever.