Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cool Gadgts Of Desire

Philips Media Player

If you are thinking of buying a Media Player which is not too hard on your pocket then you may be wanting to consider Philips GoGear SA3125. It costs just Rs. 5000 and QQVGA screen with 160 x 128 pixels. Memory 2 GB, data transfer through USB 2.0.

If I-Pod is looks heavy on your pocket then you may very well try to go for this model. Decent Audio / Video quality, Quick file transfer.

Has an integrated FM radio with ten presets, voice recorder.


If you are a you tube Home video professional freak then watch out for this camcorder from sony. I was amazed to find out that it has a 40x Zoom at a price point of just 19,700 Rs. It has image stabilization feature for amateurish movie makers. You can record directly on to a DVD or a memory stick duo. Ie Hybrid recording. It can record upto 100 minutes of high quality video.

Now if you are thinking of making some cool professional looking videos go for this fantabulistic Camera with 40x optical zoom and 2000x digital zoom.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My MP3 Player

I realized after using mu Philips 1 GB MP3 player that it is one thing to acquire a device and another thing to use the Gizmo. You need self awareness to use the device. Do you know which songs you would like to hear. There are my favorite songs but I dont like to hear them in a particular sequence. I like to goo about starting with old classics and then contemporary songs.

Also I think with more research if there is a small ROM like writable memory chip in the device which remembers the sequence and songs which I heard once and refine my Shuffle function continuously to give me out of the world experience in listening ecstasy then I would really be a happier man altogether.

AI powered MP3 players may be available in some years, till then I need to struggle with manually optimizing my listening experience with the MP3 player.

What has been your experience?