Friday, February 29, 2008

Technology way out

There are two Blocks of Document formats emerging that of ODF and Docx backed by powerful lobbies like Microsoft on one hand and Google, IBM, Sun on the other.

I was thinking how a convergence could be obtained and thought that if instead of trying for supremacy if both the vendors create a web service which converts one format to the other and vice versa then the problem stands to be stemmed.

Just like in the case of CD formats there are Drives which can read and write both HD and Blu Ray. So middle path is always advisable.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Google a NanoSecond Company

Google has been in news lately with context to Microsoft- Yahoo combine trying to challenge its leadership position. But Google's main income is coming through Search Advertising and Adwords as it charges nothing for its Cloud Computing product. Hence I see the Business Model of Google s Highly Skewed.

As the search market is totally dependent on computer algorithms ant drastic break through innovation by a rival company is surely going to dent its market share and its existence itself. Hence it is imperative for Google to be on constant guard and monitor new trends in Search Engine Technology and other areas where it could have a presence.

For example google is doing nothing to develop Niche Engines which concentrate on certain topics only, for ex, Health et al. It could prove to be detrimental for Google and could lead to its sudden death in the competitive race of Betterment.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Soon Robots to be Wives

Japanese company axis has developed HoneyDolls female sexual bots which can be used to obtain orgasm using technology if you are not married or your partner is out of town. There are robots available in $7000 which can be used to obtain sexual satisfaction.

research is on to create bots which could be used by females also. Soon you may have spouses or surrogates who may be robots or for kinky sex. Also those who are impotent could be able to use it. It would be made of resin and other material and would not be frigid and be responsive and would make endearments possible.

Thursday, February 14, 2008 is now Like.Com

The face recognition site has converted itself into a shopping comparison site. There are various shopping comparison sites which compare the site for cheap product, but is based on discovery of product not the cheapest product which is all set to make it a success in todays consumerist age.

Also this week nokia decided to have Google search on four of its internet model phones. That will also turn out to be synergistic marketing for both the brands.

Also the growth in Software and Telecom products is all set to go down because of the impending danger of recession in the US. But there will be single digit growth in spending just not equal to that previously forecasted. Outsourcing and SaaS stand to gain out of the phenomenon.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Technology Capsule's

A Supercomputer of the Size of Chip

Yes its Strange but a near possibility in about 5-10 years if every thing goes right. We always heard of memory going the chip way but now we hear of Supercomputer on chip. How it is made possible. Well by using optical signals than electric ones using electro – optical modulators. The speed of data transfer would increase by a factor of 100 and the energy expended would decrease by a factor of 10. Size would be 10-1000 times smaller than a typical super computer of today.

So data intensive applications requiring mission critical speed would be made possible at a miniature level saving on space and power consumption.

Video Games Being used For Education

In US games are being used for experiential teaching. For teaching concepts which can not be taught in Class Room. For example to teach ethics in real life like a decision may have to be taken if stealing some ones organs from cemetery would be justified to save some ones life.

I think it’s a concept whose idea has come. It makes learning a fun activity and teaches higher order concepts in a much simpler manner.

Nintendo Wii Medico

Wii has a number of games like Boxing, Golf, Bowling, Base Ball, Tennis et al where motion gloves are used to play and interact with the console. Hense it is being used in Canada to treat stroke patients to recover and develop and strengthen their muscles. Hense it appears that gaming is no longer only a dysfunctional activity spurring violence in kids but also do have its own positives which are being appreciated with passing time.

Driverless Autonomous Cars

Now they have test run Autonomuos cars in actual traffic for 60 miles with mostly meeting with success and a rare accident and a few misses. But old people and handicapped people will soon be able to be assited by Robo Driver which would assist you on long drives and also help you to park your car automatically with out the assistance of any driver. It is equipped with sensors and devices which will help it to detect obstacles and other targets and use AI to overcome situations at road.
Well look forward to buying one from Mercedes in a couple of years which would be totally glitch free.

Friday, February 08, 2008

India far Behind in Internet Infrastructure and Usage

Its a bit shameful but India doesnt figure even in top 20 nations to adopt and use Intenet, countries like US, Japan and Korea are way ahead of India in Internet access and Usage, with US topping usage and Japan and South Korea leading ahead in the access market.

With coming of applications like IPTV and MOvies on Demand or Movies rental business the fate of Internet adoptions looks likely to pick up. Also I see the Home Business section and Local City seraches to become more popular and advanced.

Internet is a powerful medium and can be used innovatively for purposes other than business, Education and entertainment.

In India the main Impediment to Internet spread is the issues plaguing broadband adoption. Although 2007 was declared as the year of Broadband India is way behind in achiving any reportable figures.

Internet on Mobile and hense M-Commerce is in more dire straits as most of the Cell Phones are of basic entry level model and lack internet access facilty.

But comapnies focussing on Internet and connectivity in Rural areas all this is set to change soon, but 50% internet access remains a distant dream and goal for the Indian fraternity.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Virtual Monitor in Your Eyes : Short Takes

A new lens is being developed which would have embedded circuits and you can browse the net without VDU in the Virtual Screen of the Lens. The circuit is in the area of parts away from the Retina.


Child releif and You a Child charitable organisation has opened its virtual office in SecondLife by Beach Side in Bollywood city. Info regarding work of the organisation would be disseminated there and donations would be accepted.

So CSR in Second Life. You can donate in Linden Dollars ( 240 LD= 1 $) .

Friday, February 01, 2008

Streets of Mumbai

Soon Indian people will have customised games for their own benefit. The market of Games in India is 50 million dollars only. Countries like Korea has 2 Billion dollars market. Hense customisation for Indian markets is slow and low. But one game streets of Mumbai will soon be available which will be depicting the actual streets and environment of Mumbai with favorite landmarks and crowd.

Hope Indians soon get more customised games.

Delhi Police Traffic Policing Automation

Delhi Police has automated some parts of the city streets where it has installed a number of speed Camera's and ordinary Camera's to monitor the Traffic. Any body jumping the signal in the morning will get a Chalan at home by evening. This is done by photographing the Cars jumping the signal resolving the Licence plate number and locating the persons name and address from a database.

Also cars which are not moving at strategic locations can be detected and traffic action taken to avoid congestion. This is a pilot project which could soon be adopted in other parts of the cities and all over India.