Friday, February 08, 2008

India far Behind in Internet Infrastructure and Usage

Its a bit shameful but India doesnt figure even in top 20 nations to adopt and use Intenet, countries like US, Japan and Korea are way ahead of India in Internet access and Usage, with US topping usage and Japan and South Korea leading ahead in the access market.

With coming of applications like IPTV and MOvies on Demand or Movies rental business the fate of Internet adoptions looks likely to pick up. Also I see the Home Business section and Local City seraches to become more popular and advanced.

Internet is a powerful medium and can be used innovatively for purposes other than business, Education and entertainment.

In India the main Impediment to Internet spread is the issues plaguing broadband adoption. Although 2007 was declared as the year of Broadband India is way behind in achiving any reportable figures.

Internet on Mobile and hense M-Commerce is in more dire straits as most of the Cell Phones are of basic entry level model and lack internet access facilty.

But comapnies focussing on Internet and connectivity in Rural areas all this is set to change soon, but 50% internet access remains a distant dream and goal for the Indian fraternity.

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Techno Chick said...

Considering how many large companies have been basing portions of their operations in India lately (particularly call centres), you'd think they'd be pushing for and possibly even helping to fund India's technology upgrades.