Saturday, February 16, 2008

Soon Robots to be Wives

Japanese company axis has developed HoneyDolls female sexual bots which can be used to obtain orgasm using technology if you are not married or your partner is out of town. There are robots available in $7000 which can be used to obtain sexual satisfaction.

research is on to create bots which could be used by females also. Soon you may have spouses or surrogates who may be robots or for kinky sex. Also those who are impotent could be able to use it. It would be made of resin and other material and would not be frigid and be responsive and would make endearments possible.

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Techno Chick said...

Um, wow. It's not just the technology, as I think it's obviously been a long time coming. The write-up of this article is hilarious. The part about making endearments possible is my favourite. Is anybody else reminded of Mr Universe's LoveBot in Serenity?