Saturday, December 20, 2008

Technology That Can Save Your Life

Secure Banking Transactions

Are you aware that you can become a prey to Farming Attacks apart from phishing attacks transferring your private info to hackers. Yes it is very possible , so how to be safe from one? A farming site is a spurious banking site which you enter through a e-Mail purportedly from your banking site.

Make sure that first you enter wrong password in the banking related login screen. The right site will authenticate the password as wrong and ask you to renter the password a farming site will thank you for the wrong password.

Also Linux + Firefox or Safari is more safer than Windows + Internet Explorer. So make sure you install Damn Small Linux or Puppy Linux using software like VMWare in your existing windows OS or go in for a double boot OS or another choice could be to use a Live Linux CD to carry out such secure transactions ever more safely.

Also while opening the site make sure that HTTPS secure transaction is being displayed in the URL box and a Lock is displayed over there which is generally not displayed by a farming site.

Next Growth Center of Telecom Industry

WELL the first growth center was Volumes. In 2007 Telecom industry added 7-8 million additions per month. In 2008 it was 8-10 million per month. Well now this volume growth is likely to slump to 5-6 Million additions per month by 2010 -12. So where does the revenue come from. Currently the revenues are dropping. ARPU is in the vicinity of 206 Rs per user. Too less.

So while for some time the growth is likely to come from Rural Areas, I think the next growth is surely going to be VAS Content Based Services. Like Live TV on Mobile, and interactive internet shows dominating the mobile with adoption of first 3G in mid 2009 and then 4G or even LTE in times to come. Also services like internet radio is likely to grow with broadband.

Apps like youtube customized for mobile would also increase the VAS revenues of the telecom companies. VAS is very likely to pick up with time to come. Also ARPU can be increased by starting Educational Projects and E-Commerce apps for Rural Areas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Technology can save your Hard Earned Bucks

Norton Internet Security 2009

Its easy to install takes just about few minutes. And has got a stylish interface. Its from trusted Symantec. I tried out the trial version and the results were not that bad.
It has antivirus anti spy ware , Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, E-Mail scanning, Identity Safe and Anti Phishing features. All in all a complete package to save your computer from all types of threats existing on the net for your desktop or laptop connected to the Internet.

Its got a quick scan and a complete scan and it automatically monitors the system for threats.

Additionally it just occupies 10 MB in your Programs Flolder compared to 40/70 MB in 2008 versions of various antivirus programs and also the issue of error cropping up while closing down the PC has not still been taken care of in the Norton 2008 version . So go on , and get your PC in safe hands. Security Nirvana could you call it that? Eh?

Is Default Windows Firewall Hacking Your PC

Thousands of your hard earned money can go down the drain. If you are dependent on Windows Firewall for security you will be shocked to know that it is the worst in the league.

The best Firewalls in that order are
Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0.25
Zone Alarm 8.0.02
PC Tools Firewall Plus

The worst of Firewalls, install and use at your peril are
1. Windows Firewall
2. Ashampoo Firewall
3. Personal Firewall

So go in for your upgrade of firewall today to save you from hackers and virus or trozan attacks to your PC’s. You will be surprised to know that the softwares listed in first list cleared 10 levels of security tests while Windows Firewall and others in the list cleared only one level of tests.

You can just type “netstat –ano” at the command prompt to see which ports are open and listening and can kill the processes which are not required if you are connected to the net.

Also apply the OS service Packs regularly and also patch your programs regularly to make your programs much safer from the vulnerabilities of the Internet. Stop unnecessary services from your computer to also save on computer productivity and resourses.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Maintaining Your Registry


You may have sometimes tried multiple Virus programs to remove all the Viruses from your m/c as a typical program detects only 30% of all threats. Some times even on removing the Virus Program the ensuing installations may detect the previous Software . This may happen because the registry may have some residual keys related to the software which is not removed while uninstalling from Add/Remove Programs option.

Hence to remove these last traces click start/Run , type Regedit and press enter, registry editor will be opened. Search for the program for example in the find option menu type AVG 8 and search for keys . Locate the entry key by Right Clicking and selecting the locate key option and delete the entry. This will now allow you to install the other programs. Also delete other not required entries of uninstalled program to reduce the size and load of the registry.

Animation and India

Indian Animation Industry

Indian Animation industry was worth 460 million $ in 2008 and by 20011 its supposed to be a Billion dollar Industry in India. India was host to 85 animation movies being produced in India as per announcements made. 28 movies are in different stages of execution right now.

But the sector faces a lot of problems like shortage of skilled manpower and infrastructure problems. Also the quality of work is still not at par to the international standards, affecting export work. But the potential is there.

The animation industry in India is growing at 27% whereas the education sector is growing at a rate robust 40%. All healthy indicators if you want to choose animation as your career, but the fees may be steep at some premium Institutes like the Mumbai Andheri based ZIMA and Xaviers Mumbai.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Technological Obsolescence and You

Planning Obsolescence of Your Technological Products

New products every three months. On how you use your technological products is totally upto your flair and income. There is always a saturation in any product category. You buy a I-Pod of 80 GB capacity carrying 30,000 songs capacity. How long would you stick to this product. Even if you are a Music Maniac you probably would get saturated with the product in a couple of months.

Similar to the Music Players and PMP’s you have your phone. If there is a breakthrough technology like introduction of 3G in India or some other tech like LTE in US or 4G for higher internet and downloading speeds, one need not go for a costly upgrade unless you are a millionaire and are doing all the shopping for gifting and snob appeal alone.

So while buying a new product make sure that you keep the utility and value at the forefront and make a decision which you do not regret on a later date.

Perception is Reality VR

Perception Centers

Now the research in VR is taking on a new dimension, experiencing other bodies as part your own bodies. Experiments on this have been conducted in StockHolms Karolina Institute. Volunteers tested on the experiment and reported sensations accurately of owning other bodies and getting a feeling that it is our own.

The application of the technology could be in VR applications like Second Life in which user could use VR to enter into the body of their virtual avatar at SL or other community and interact with other friends and enemies at the community and get a better experience of the whole deal.

Best Buy Dell Multimedia Gaming PC Entry Level

Dell Studio XPS

Lo and Behold. The computer desktop based on the i7 920 2.66 GHZ processor is already in market. Costing 84,900 Rs. 500 GB Hard Disk, 3 GB DDR3 RAM, Blu Ray Combo Drive. 512 MB ATI Radeon HD4850 Graphics card. 2.1 channel stereo audio., 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution and a wireless mouse and keyboard.

The above specifications are ideal for a to date Multimedia applications friendly PC which is also not very hard on budget or burning a hole into your pocket.

All in all a power packed deal for PC enthusiasts. For placing your customized PC order log on to

Micro Robotic’s

THERE are people who think in the slot, there are people who think out of the box. Robots were always supposed to be large clunky Human like objects with animated features to assist Human beings. But currently work is on in various universities for the use of Robotics in treating diseases including surgeries inside the body. Capsule sized robots are injected into the body which enters the body and assemble to provide surgery capabilities within stomach and intestine. So after all a incision free surgery procedure using technological Robots. Some thing cool and great.

But the concept is in research stage and current success rate is 75%.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

TuneUp Utility 2008

Well you install and deinstall a number of programs. If you read magazines there are scores of Movie traiors which you need to install to preview. So far so good, but that harms your registry with fragmentation, broken links and other errors.
You need Tune Up utility 2008 to fix these errors. Apart from that there are 100's of applications sitting in your start Menu which needs to be removed if not to be started automatically. This makes the booting process damn long not knowing if its due to start menu exhaution or Worms and Viruses may mislead your efforts.
If you have a PC use it to its utmost utility. Try the above one which have many other interesting Facets too.