Friday, November 21, 2008

Ultimate Gaming Experience

You are right. For ultimate gaming experience you need to get hooked on to the Consoles and not depend on our own PC’s or notebooks which are not specialized and not designed for that special purpose. Moreover keyboard controls may take out all your joy of the ultimate gaming experience. Consoles are designed specially for gaming and have accelerated onboard graphics and specially designed chips to take care of your ultimate gaming experience.

PSP is designed to create am ultimate Portable gaming experience and cost starts about 9000 Rs. PSP 2.0 version may be available for as low as Rs. 5000, but would not include latest game titles and effects.

Playstation may cost you about Rs, 21,500 and is the expensive of the lot but 7 multiplayers can play the game at one go. So if you are looking for team games you could opt for Play station 3.0.

XBOX 360 comes in Core and Pro editions. Core costs just 15,000 rs and doesn’t support all titles and features of Pro like HDMi and Component and optical out. Pro could cost you Rs, 20,000. Core supports 465 titles and still counting.

WII can also be used as Blu Ray player apart from all three stables offering you a mix of options for playing your favorite movies and music or videos. Apart from that all the three Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have online gaming support and support gami8ng downloads.

Lesser Known Maintenance Acts

OK every body tunes up their PC which usually means cleaning the temporary files and de fragmenting the Hard Disk.

But there are other things to the chorus which can be done to run a system as smoothly as possible. I have compiled the following list.

Removing the system restore points, frees up memory.
Optimizing and de fragmenting the Registry.
Configuring the RAM in BIOS settings optimizes performance of PC.
Flashing the latest version of BIOS increases system stability and performance.
Updating the Motherboard Drivers to elicit maximum performance.
There are utilities like Ultra Defrag which is ultimate disk optimization.

Pico Satellites

University of Florida has designed Pico satellites which would be slightly larger than a cricket ball. This satellite could be mass created and mass launched and could work in Swarms to collect space data and transmit to the Earth. More countries could send and afford such satellites and they would also cost less and save metals on Earth. They could be in space for years together. Some difficulties which these satellites could face could be that it would be difficult to align the devices on the Pico Satellites for which special routines could be required.

Some of these satellites may not be able to work as independent satellites but could be used as helper satellites to the main satellite giving it complimentary and additional functionality.

Graphics Cards and IGP Motherboards

Value and High Performance Gaming
If you want a good Gaming experience you need to have a IGP ( Integrated Graphics Processor )Motherboard to keep a budget intact or you can go in for Discrete Graphics Cards. Motherboards for Graphics are available from Intel and AMD in the range of 2800 for value products to 10,000 Rs for high end motherboards.
Also graphics cards are available for ultimate gaming experience which requires high frame rate and HD video streaming capabilities. AMD 2x 4870 GPU is the best in the class according to performance benchmarks. It is a dual core GPU and costs around Rs. 30,000.
In the IGP category. Intel G45 is the best in Intel category costing Rs. 9,900. The best in AMD category is AMD 790 GX costing 10,900 Rs. You can add Discrete card to IGP motherboards to increase its performance level.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Future of PC

1. Thought interface will make image and text transfer to computer more instantaneous
2. laptops will run months on battery without recharge and then maybe self recharging batteries would come
3. Customisable CPUs would reconfigure for task at hand

What is your take

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two New Products of Note

>> Tomy 5 MP Camera to print instant card size photo from your mobile itself
>> Sharps 108" LCD TV costing 97 lakhs a real luxury I would say

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Smart peripherals

What is the future of peripherals. Well smart gadgets with onboard chip which will have memory to store the drivers of the device so that when you plug in the device it automatically loads the driver. Also it would be self updating component in that if you have an internet connection then the component loads the latest version of the driver releiving you of the chorus of downloading and installing latest driver.
So smart assembly of peripherals which self maintains is really a future to look on to.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

High Performance Graphics Cards

The best Graphics card from the stable of NVIDIA is POint of View GTX 280.

Costs 31,231, Directx 10 Compatible 1 GB ddr3 RAM, 512 Bus width , 240 stream processors, Core/Memory speed 602/1107 Mhz.

Best for gaming freaks who want to run games like Crisis with full quality setings.

Not the best of all processors, the best of all processors is the GE Cube Radeon GC - HD 3870 x 2 - F5.

Costing at 24,303 Rs it is a dual core GPU with best scores in all tests. DX 10.1 compatible 1 GB DDr3 ram 256 Bus 320 x 2 stream processors. Core/Memory speed 775/900. Take a IGP motherboard and with two discrete graphics cards of the above specifications in double Cross fire mode your life is really gonna rock.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Entry Level Notebooks for less than 25,000 Rs

Strange but true. Although not for high business use but for casual keeping in touch with the team on the move and for light Office work. MSI Wind at about 23,000 Rs is ideal with a atom N270 processor. Comes in four attractive colors with the following specifications.

MSI Part Number: 9S7-N01152-411

CPU: Intel® Atom™ N270 1.6GHz

Operating System: Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition.MSI also recommends upgrade to Windows Vista® Business or Windows Vista® Ultimate

Display: 10" WSVGA LCD

Color: White

Graphics: Intel® GMA950

System Memory: 1GB DDR2

Hard Drive: 120GB SATA I


Built-in 10/100 Ethernet

Built-in 802.11b/g WLAN Card / No Bluetooth

Dimensions: 10.23"(L) X7.08"(D) X 0.748"~1.24"(H)

Weight: 2.3 lbs (3 cell)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Free Ware

What is free is not necessarily Bloatware. Examples Galore. AVG is a free antivirus quite popular. Linux is a opensource OS the preferred OS for servers. Google analytics is free but pictorial and better than AW stats in its analytical insights.
Google documents is free but can be used var easily for geographical collaboration across continents for free with out inesting even a cent.
So got it. What is paid for may be better than open source but not always.

IPod Dying Slowly

The signs are ominous. The costs are down. The sales are down this year. FM radio listnership has improved compared to I-Pod sales which is actually going down in US. Surprised. Well it could be due to interactive and updated content in FM compared to lonely existence with the I-Pod. Staying connected with other fellow Human Beings is what is important to Human Beings, which is being gratified by Radio FM , and not by I-Pod.
So do other companies really need to create I-Pod killers keeping the above fact in mind. Well I-Pod could integrate FM Radio and Satellite Radio to counter this threat. Also I-Tunes could start its own internet Radio channels of Talk shows and other popular formats in US. That could be the best Strategy, Say what dudes.
Life is good, eh?