Tuesday, November 11, 2008

High Performance Graphics Cards

The best Graphics card from the stable of NVIDIA is POint of View GTX 280.

Costs 31,231, Directx 10 Compatible 1 GB ddr3 RAM, 512 Bus width , 240 stream processors, Core/Memory speed 602/1107 Mhz.

Best for gaming freaks who want to run games like Crisis with full quality setings.

Not the best of all processors, the best of all processors is the GE Cube Radeon GC - HD 3870 x 2 - F5.

Costing at 24,303 Rs it is a dual core GPU with best scores in all tests. DX 10.1 compatible 1 GB DDr3 ram 256 Bus 320 x 2 stream processors. Core/Memory speed 775/900. Take a IGP motherboard and with two discrete graphics cards of the above specifications in double Cross fire mode your life is really gonna rock.

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Topher said...

NVIDIA, makes some amazing graphic cards. They are simply the BEST.

I am adding you to blogs I follow, I would appreciate you retuning the favor.