Friday, November 21, 2008

Graphics Cards and IGP Motherboards

Value and High Performance Gaming
If you want a good Gaming experience you need to have a IGP ( Integrated Graphics Processor )Motherboard to keep a budget intact or you can go in for Discrete Graphics Cards. Motherboards for Graphics are available from Intel and AMD in the range of 2800 for value products to 10,000 Rs for high end motherboards.
Also graphics cards are available for ultimate gaming experience which requires high frame rate and HD video streaming capabilities. AMD 2x 4870 GPU is the best in the class according to performance benchmarks. It is a dual core GPU and costs around Rs. 30,000.
In the IGP category. Intel G45 is the best in Intel category costing Rs. 9,900. The best in AMD category is AMD 790 GX costing 10,900 Rs. You can add Discrete card to IGP motherboards to increase its performance level.

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