Monday, March 25, 2013

Emotional Robots

Robotics is being used for various purposes. One of the purposes could be to create a emotional robot. A robot which shows emotions like human.

These emotional robots could be used for various purposes. It could be used for sex education and relationship handling and social skills development. Could be used for companions to the sick and the old and disabled.

Well what use could robots not be put to. You could combine robotics and biotech engineering and create a robotic skull with a layer of human saliva cells and use it to create the food pulp for those who lost teeth. Well it would be better to grow third and fourth set of teeth with genetic modification of code. But that may be a  bit far off in the future.

We could create a number of robots who are more like human in reacting and physicality taking a step further into surrogate relationship.

Emotions could be programmed in more than one way to mimic different human personality types. For example different types of robots may react differently to a break in communication or betrayal of trust. Some may pardon, others go away.
It could also help the impotent to lead a more sexually satiated life.