Sunday, September 19, 2010

Claytronics and Magic

Can you imagine your phone changing color in a theme set by you when ever your spouse calls you, or turning red when your boss calls you on a Saturday evening. Claytronics can make it all happen. So programmable material which may change color and shape at a micro level.

So your phone could turn into a USB drive ( A pure one and store all the transitional data in a central memory) so that you can get back your contacts when you want back your phone.

So you can have new type of multifunctional devices which change their architecture and performs the intended function most optimally.

Sounds like a Science Fiction but may soon become a reality.

Imagine a processor which changes the number of cores and its architecture and goes into different modes like Gaming, Computation or any other specialized function depending on the use.So a mutant processor which changes the gates or cores depending on the load.

I hope I may have such a device in my hand one day, which could turn into a rose or a gun.