Friday, March 14, 2014

A Android Smart Radio :Artificial Intelligence learning Algorithm

You probably heard of Smart TV but did you think of what a smart radio may be. Well if you can build one,with heavy set specs a phone which allows you to preset all your radio stations and prioritize the order in which if Music is being played, auto tune to that station.Also internet connected it allows you to stream internet radio's of your choice. So a algorithm which detects when and how many times & how long advt's are done on channels and tunes in order of your priority. So lots of less headache to the radio listener. With up to 10 FM channels ( Entertainment Real Estate market ). available in Mumbai itself leave alone California at al, a Smart FM radio will be a catch marketing deploy. Make a few million dollars, few million Rupees. In case all radio players are playing adverts it switches to my MP3 collection and plays playlists as specified in..policies. Also policy to automatically make a list of my switched out songs and auto switch when such songs play & lots more left to imagination.

I could also key in favorite programs and receive notifications 15 minutes in advance.
Audiophile eh.

All in all use a AI m/c meaning algorithm which learns in a few days and the lesser switching will be required with a fairly stable switching algorithm after a week or two with lesser and lesser computation.

Existing high end android phones could easily incorporate these features to use the redundant capacity and give a enthralling music experience to music lovers.

So I mean all in all high end smart phones could be converted into these smart radios by a Magic App.
Come on make that app na ma. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Military Grade Encryption System

Well can you think of a animation or video as a system to pass message,

yes with a hardware key.

So what is that system?

Well think of a Video , or series of pictures with objects with a Robot programmed to interpret the message as to what is being communicated.

So a robot with a pen in a room, a computer which plays the video or animation in front of the webcam and a computer program which analyses a particular color object in the movie and write the message on the floor or generate the same on a screen without moving.

Sounds good,
only my robot knows how to decipher the message.

You could also simplify your job by instead of using a custom made animation or movie,
to analyze a existing movie to generate the movements in the robot.

Man there could be other ways to send message through a 3 HR Hindi Movie.
Modify the digital file to alter the pixels which when decrypted at particular frames with particular masks yield the message,
would be very difficult to know that a video file is a encrypted message.

Send my paycheck at my bank account?NIA or NSA. 

Finding Transformations : Indian language Voice Synthesis

If there is a way to find the Sound Transformation Function which makes ka,ki,ka,ku etc then we can create a easy voice synthesis system which uses these transformations to synthesize speech.
Also as a concept it would be useful to make a software which discovers transformation function between given input & output.

Voice Sound Fonts could be designed for various voices and creating a short voice midi file with just the notation of the song or discourse.

Research your way to FAME.  

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Build a hardy Radio in MP3 Player or Phone: Do it Yourself

Today I am giving patent free design session. How to improve radio design in mp3 player & phones. Well antenna in the MP3 or phone & another redundant standby antenna in the headphone with embedded circuit to sent the radio signal to the main processor.
We all know that at the same place signal received vary with time, and signal strength may be different at two different locations of a place.I mean instead of moving my head a better design would be to move my music player. 
Intelligent algorithm to use the two antenna's to consolidate the signal to improve signal quality or use the signal at position available. Either selection, weaving or stitching or channel bonding could be used as user configurable  options to create a power friendly design. 
Bluetooth could be used between two circuits. The customer has to move less. Intelligent algorithm interlaces the two signal to build better quality reception design. Now where is my open source antenna design & advanced processor design certificate. Send me via e-mail.