Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Military Grade Encryption System

Well can you think of a animation or video as a system to pass message,

yes with a hardware key.

So what is that system?

Well think of a Video , or series of pictures with objects with a Robot programmed to interpret the message as to what is being communicated.

So a robot with a pen in a room, a computer which plays the video or animation in front of the webcam and a computer program which analyses a particular color object in the movie and write the message on the floor or generate the same on a screen without moving.

Sounds good,
only my robot knows how to decipher the message.

You could also simplify your job by instead of using a custom made animation or movie,
to analyze a existing movie to generate the movements in the robot.

Man there could be other ways to send message through a 3 HR Hindi Movie.
Modify the digital file to alter the pixels which when decrypted at particular frames with particular masks yield the message,
would be very difficult to know that a video file is a encrypted message.

Send my paycheck at my bank account?NIA or NSA. 

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