Sunday, March 09, 2014

Build a hardy Radio in MP3 Player or Phone: Do it Yourself

Today I am giving patent free design session. How to improve radio design in mp3 player & phones. Well antenna in the MP3 or phone & another redundant standby antenna in the headphone with embedded circuit to sent the radio signal to the main processor.
We all know that at the same place signal received vary with time, and signal strength may be different at two different locations of a place.I mean instead of moving my head a better design would be to move my music player. 
Intelligent algorithm to use the two antenna's to consolidate the signal to improve signal quality or use the signal at position available. Either selection, weaving or stitching or channel bonding could be used as user configurable  options to create a power friendly design. 
Bluetooth could be used between two circuits. The customer has to move less. Intelligent algorithm interlaces the two signal to build better quality reception design. Now where is my open source antenna design & advanced processor design certificate. Send me via e-mail.

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