Saturday, September 07, 2013

Self Organising OS or Cloud Updatable OS

Well any code needs to be optimum and code can be optimized according to usage. What if we have an OS which optimizes itself according to the metrics of usage. Say every week or every month or adaptive optimization depending on changed usage pattern. Better still?

This could be achieved via code blocks which have dynamic binding sites. So the same binary of the OS could reorganize itself without reinstallation.

Or if it seems too futuristic, far fetched, utopian or wishful thinking. Think about this.

So install a metrics module with the OS which measures usage patterns and generates a customized optimized OS for the Device in question.

This way there may not be a million transformation or code base required for a million customers, there may be 10 or 20 usage patterns which  needs to be built and updated on the machines for best performance and power optimality goals depending on the device in question.

So first goal difficult, second well 6 months for 700 engineers of Apple.

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