Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maintaining Your PC

To keep your PC running with constant sincerity, you need to take its care.

1.Use latest antivirus and Firewall et al if you are connected to net otherwise it can spell doom.
2.Some small tricks can increase you computer life like
3.Every 1-3 months you may need to de fragment your hard disk especially C drive depending on the volume of work you do
4.Using antivirus Computer Maintenance facility you can clean registry, system restore points, and other chorus is done by the computer automatically for you reclaiming unused disk space
5.Regularly un install programs which you don’t need
6.Delete files which you no longer need
7.Take a back up of all you media files on to a DVD/CD to free up your Hard Disk so that you may not ultimately be needing that extra External Hard Disk.
8.If you are short of C drive free space, don’t store bulky media files on the Desktop, instead create a shortcut to a Folder called desktop which could be pointing to another sparse partition of hard disk.
9.Use your PC at least once a Day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Green Technology

Technology has often done more harm then benefit to humannity. Br it Nuclear Energy, Cell phones and Computers to talk only about a few of them.

Nokia has recently taken a step towards restoration of ecological and environmental balance by launching a humonguos amount, can you believe it 40 models of phones which would be bio degradable and hence not damage the environment. Now that is some noble gesture from a company which has been mired with quality glitches in its high end models for some time allowing other telecom companies to snatch away market share from it.

Hope other companies will soon follow suit and Earth will eb a better place to live in.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Technology Capsules

Technology Aided Marketing

Ever since Mass Media has become cluttered, Businessmen all over the world are trying to find new better way of delivering business messages to the customers. And what new way to market to the customers than through mobiles. Indian Mobile Advertising market is still at a nascent stage and is currently valued at a paltry sum of 40 Crores but is soon expected to reach 500 Crores.

Marketing means creating brand recall and stimulating purchase, in addition to educating customers about the possible use of the product or service. Advertising through the internet added the much needed interactivity and customization parameters of the advertisement but not reach. As India still has abysmal internet penetration it is very difficult to reach the target audience. So mobiles provide the reach, in addition the mobile always with users creates an ever present customer.

Affle a UK based company provides SMS 2.0 advertising solutions in India and is pioneering in the space of alternate advertising medium.

The future of Mobile Advertisements remains lucrative, as with more and more high end models and 3G or 4G enabled cell phones it will soon be possible to deliver video advertisements over the mobile and that may even get the customers hooked. But that looks like good 2-3 years down the line.

Pepsi Youngistan has successfully used mobile as a platform to create a Buzz around its product with users sharing its experiences with other communities.

The results of all these competitions and votes could be compiled and published in web communities and traditional print runs to create a buzz among other users of the product. Hence mobile is proving to be an ultimate tool in the hands of the marketers to create customer engagement to level hitherto unseen in the history of marketing.

Will The US Trend of Dying Print in Technology Journalism Replicate in India

Well India is a slow take off in technology adoption, but US is seeing many well run print versions going off print and taking online avatars.

IDG the world’s largest producer of Technology magazines and news papers made its InfoWorld totally online and is now generating more revenues through online advertising supported model than it was doing in print business. It has a revenue of 1.6 million dollars a month with operating profit margin of 37%.

But would the same model be successful in India. India has low penetration of Internet and profusely low adoption of technology products. We lag behind in adoption of technology, be it 3G or broadband connections, or for that matter E-Books. Hence I see that India will continue with its Paper Bound editions of newspapers and Technology Magazines for quite some time to come. Although most magazines have an online presence but most have a subscription model which is further likely to make and covert even lesser readers.

iPhone To be Available in India from Dussera

To be priced at 23,000 Rs, Apple has tied with two partners to sell its iPhone in India. It has tied with Airtel and Vodaphone where as Vodaphone is its global partner. But Airtel in India has vast reach of 1 lakh retail outlets and apple plans to tap this outreach of Bharti to reach out to the potential customers.

I-Phone has failed to become a blockbuster product for Apple and only contributed 5% to the total revenues of the giant. The main reason for which is the more featured phones being launched every month by other telecom players with out much fanfare and ado and with much more technological innovations built into the phones.

Take for example the LG Viewty phone which even won a technological award. Samsung and Motorola are also introducing phones at a faster pace although they are aimed at the lower end of the market mostly.

Apple needs to innovate faster and invest in product R&D to gain a foothold in the global telecom arena where most telecom companies are more alert, nimble and customer responsive.

The least apple could do would be to introduce variants of iPhone to woo different customer segments, with features like Cameras of different capabilities and different storage capabilities and a multitude of designs. The formula of selling what is available in the stable is gone and rationed products do not work even in India.

Most customers are educated and want better service if not always value for money product as the Indian market was traditionally touted by the westerners.

Finding a Job now made Easy with Social Networking

Social networks are fast evolving to keep their users fixed on a ongoing basis and make their business an ongoing concern. In that line Facebook did its best innovation by adding job applications to its Network.

Facebook has Jobster which has 26,000 members . Now last month it added the application of to its users. Now social networking sites are also being used to network and find jobs than just lurking for fun. With more and more commercial applications making rounds the coffers of the site also jingles and obviously with more services on the block the life was never so good for the users of the networks.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

HP's Memristors

A chip consists of resistors, capacitors and Inductors now HP is adding a fourth dimension to the Chip a Memristor. It can hold intermediate values apart from 0’s and 1’s and is the basis for dense memory and Artificial Memory applications. Although its speed is very much less compared to existing DRAM’s ( 1/ 10th to be precise) but then it is very low on power requirements which acts as a big plus in its favor.

Also applicability is a great issue, that’s what I believe. If some body discovers, what is the sequence of operations and intermediate values required to complete an operation lot of time could be ultimately saved if the right intermediate values are stored and need not be recalculated. This makes the application very much suitable to AI and Expert system application. With training of the chip on the lines of biological brain functioning with training of problem solving synapses and cores on the chip it could lead to some break through achievements in Biological computing.

IBM and Intel are also working on Phase Change Memory which requires more power and works by changing the state of a glassy material from amorphous to crystalline and back. The switching speed of such memory is also low