Saturday, September 07, 2013

Self Organising OS or Cloud Updatable OS

Well any code needs to be optimum and code can be optimized according to usage. What if we have an OS which optimizes itself according to the metrics of usage. Say every week or every month or adaptive optimization depending on changed usage pattern. Better still?

This could be achieved via code blocks which have dynamic binding sites. So the same binary of the OS could reorganize itself without reinstallation.

Or if it seems too futuristic, far fetched, utopian or wishful thinking. Think about this.

So install a metrics module with the OS which measures usage patterns and generates a customized optimized OS for the Device in question.

This way there may not be a million transformation or code base required for a million customers, there may be 10 or 20 usage patterns which  needs to be built and updated on the machines for best performance and power optimality goals depending on the device in question.

So first goal difficult, second well 6 months for 700 engineers of Apple.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Designing Military Robots that Stick in the Fire :For DARPA DRDO

How to design military robots.

Its important to understand that navigation is most important and redundancy and hack cheeking needs to be built into the  Robot.

Multiple navigation system can be used to back up navigation at the time of distress or natural failure of  a Robot system.

So multiple camera's for vision, Sonar and Laser Vision. Inertial vision and Kinect style navigation can be built into the robot to make him hardy.

With multipurpose Inertial Measurement units available redundancy can be built using two or more inertial units for navigation.

A adaptive priority thread could be used for integrity of environment from multiple maps of the environment.

This could be helpful if camouflaging or other advanced superimposition techniques are used to muddle a particular type of perception unit.

Advanced materials can be used to avoid damage quite often.

Also modularizing the robots so that the components can be detached and with random damage some of the robots can recover by replacing their damaged parts.

If You gain by this article please pass on a few million dollars to my Bank Account.

SBI: 00000000000000

Till the next post.
Have nice time defending countries of Honor.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Artificial Intelligence Image Processing System

Have you seen so  many companies having absurdly  similar company logos. Some foolish innovation I would say. And company pays millions for it.

Say a RED M for Motorola and a green One for Maggie, just a joking.

WELL what if I have a s/w which searches the web for company logo info globally or nationally and creates and collates a database for me, and I create a logo and check  for striking non tolerant resemblances.

WELL that would be fun.

Also the AI component would be wonderful if it creates an artistic word or symbol which is different from all these or throw 10 alternatives in a second which I could present to my client for approval.

So what how many months for this one.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Optimizing Indian National Railways System using IT

The new USSD and SMS based system is likely to fail because of two reasons. It is likely that the TG of railways people with no internet on phone are going to find it highly cumbersome to adopt the complexities of OTP and MMID etc.

More ever the two new systems are likely to tax and load the already loaded databases and servers with additional applications accessing and overall success in all the modes will suffer.

The various well intentioned steps of IRCTC at best are addressing the problem at the symptom level and not going to the root cause.

One simple way of solving accessibility is by having more manual counters. With so much unemployment and cheap labor this step may sound traditional but feasible.

Another thing attempting the root of problem is increasing the capacity of the Transport system which is bursting at its seams.

More AC coaches and overall more sleeper coaches will make more tickets available to more people through existing channels and will also curb out black marketing in which railways officials are in collusion.

A scientific way to find out about more trains and more AC coaches scientifically designing the Indian railways is through Big Data and data mining.

Store data and find the number of people trying online for reservation and failing or the average RAC and WL numbers and using intelligent algorithms find out about profitable and optimal expansion of capacity and get good word of mouth from customers.

Also having more AC coaches will only increase the overall revenue of Railways. Many people use Road and Airway as a last resort who can be served by the Railways.

Also security at Railway stations and in trains is a major concern to be addressed in addition to safety.

Hope someone important read this.  

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Super Computing At Home

Well this blog is always in fray of furthering the Horizon of Computer Science.

There are computers which are using different processors for Desktop, Laptop and Mobile modes.

A true innovation indeed.

But what if these different processors could pool their computation.

So the problem remains of designing the interconnect only.

In the desktop mode if my processors pool and form a mini super computer my Gaming enthusiast friend will be as happy as a lark. Playing his way to heaven or hell according to her KARMAS.


And what like if there are hot plug gable CPU sockets (On the line of Expansion Slots )to upgrade the computing power of a PC or LAPTOP. here you could compete with a super computer with the one in your pocket smart phone or Tablet.

Well computer processor networking could be a subject in itself, but the way frontiers are expanding,
I mean people may be seriously interested in a 1 million dollar smart phone which powers a Data Mining application in real time analytic's.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Emotional Robots

Robotics is being used for various purposes. One of the purposes could be to create a emotional robot. A robot which shows emotions like human.

These emotional robots could be used for various purposes. It could be used for sex education and relationship handling and social skills development. Could be used for companions to the sick and the old and disabled.

Well what use could robots not be put to. You could combine robotics and biotech engineering and create a robotic skull with a layer of human saliva cells and use it to create the food pulp for those who lost teeth. Well it would be better to grow third and fourth set of teeth with genetic modification of code. But that may be a  bit far off in the future.

We could create a number of robots who are more like human in reacting and physicality taking a step further into surrogate relationship.

Emotions could be programmed in more than one way to mimic different human personality types. For example different types of robots may react differently to a break in communication or betrayal of trust. Some may pardon, others go away.
It could also help the impotent to lead a more sexually satiated life.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

An Addiction Called Facebook

One in every six on Earth is a active monthly user of Facebook.
A humongous elephantine figure by any count.

There are advantages and disadvantages of being in the loop. So it is important to manage your social networking life.

It is required to be cautious about the double edged sword, with latest news indicating that it may cause many nuisances in later life.

Well it begins at 13 or 14 years of age even for Indians and hence all should know that you may be divulging too many details of self on the net or falling prey to stalkers and multiple personality syndrome which may affect your marital harmony and convert it into a cacophonous discord.

Even your harmless flirting with a fabulous avatar which hardly represents your real identity may spoil some body's life.

So ethic is not doing to some one what you yourself may not approve.

Too many followers may some time convert into too many problems

While Facebook is now trying to commercialize its operations and you may face more and more intrusive ads and behavioral tracking. 

So it is possible to get a raw deal even for adults.

So make some rules when online and follow diligently to save yourself from the online dangers.

Technology Planet

CPU's are evolving briskly. There are programmable CPU's being developed for phones which can work as video,audio and radio chips.

There are Phablet's which through their performance would make a desktop shy.

Moreover the Tablet Phones are MFD's with high end cameras and all and sundry apps available on phones makes the life of a avid phone lover more and more exciting while packing exciting stuff in his reach.

High resolution pictures and videos are never a convenience today. A good life for amateur artists when they can share their stuff easily on you tube right with a single share button of their phone.

Quad core phones are at the higher end of the Smart Phone spectrum. The customer is spoiled  for choice and configurations

I think the future is of smart phones.

There are free office apps like Kingston Office in Android Play Store which support latest doc viewing and editing making the life of a office goer smooth while making working mobile a affordable solution.

So if you are in two minds about a smart phone , there is nothing wrong in trying one. Many good smart phones are available in the 10,000 to 12,000 Rs range.

Knowing technology today is a certain edge in job as well as for students. Knowledge is a click away.

Where battery remains a pain point in smart phones, if you are buying an Android or other smart phone make sure at least 2500 mAh of battery so that it can last for a day of decent usage.    

So surely this century belongs to technology Even gods may be vying for a i-Phone or i-Pad.

Till next time have a nice day and a happy new year.