Friday, August 30, 2013

Designing Military Robots that Stick in the Fire :For DARPA DRDO

How to design military robots.

Its important to understand that navigation is most important and redundancy and hack cheeking needs to be built into the  Robot.

Multiple navigation system can be used to back up navigation at the time of distress or natural failure of  a Robot system.

So multiple camera's for vision, Sonar and Laser Vision. Inertial vision and Kinect style navigation can be built into the robot to make him hardy.

With multipurpose Inertial Measurement units available redundancy can be built using two or more inertial units for navigation.

A adaptive priority thread could be used for integrity of environment from multiple maps of the environment.

This could be helpful if camouflaging or other advanced superimposition techniques are used to muddle a particular type of perception unit.

Advanced materials can be used to avoid damage quite often.

Also modularizing the robots so that the components can be detached and with random damage some of the robots can recover by replacing their damaged parts.

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