Friday, March 30, 2007

Security Outsourcing

It all started with outsourcing of Infrastructure. Now it is so difficult to find personnel for security that many small and medium firms are going in for outsourcing of security. There are various concepts doing the round among them being networks which defend themselves and security devices which can be configured and managed remotely. With these concepts coming it is becoming possible for the companies who can not afford dedicated IT personnel also to maintain wioreless networks and also keep uptime high.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mobile Workforce in India

India is still slow in adopting Mobile Workforce. The main advantage of a mobile work force is that they can give better presentations and data to the customer about the product and also that they can report back field data and managers back at the helm of affairs can get real time field info. to base their decisions on to make the organisation nimble to the market conditions. But in India the firms are finding resistance from workforce, security, Cost and Infrastructure as major inhibiting factors to adopting Mobile Workforce. Hope that in future all these shortcomings are overcome and mobile technology is adopted by Indian Organisations.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hybrid Flash Memory

Samsung has developed a Hybrid Flash memory which is both fast processing and has high storage capacity. The SLC type is good at processing and MLC type is good at higher storage. So in effect the new memory is a cross of both. So guys while you get the best of both worlds the company is likely to laugh its way to the bank with cash registers ringing as the innovation is likely to result in more compact user devices. The ratio of speed of processing to storage can be adjusted by the user.

User Generated Content Triumphs

YouTube has declared its first ever awards in Seven categories since its launch last Fabruary. YouTube has created a platform using which many creative, innovative artists found their way to overnight stardom. Some got Music Label contracts , others landed themselves as TV anchors. Now this award to encourage people and reward them for contributing authentic user created videos to the Site. Earlier the site has decided to share revenues generated with the producer of the video, which is still in the offing.

The awards are in the following seven categories
1. Most Creative
2. Most Inspirational
3. Best Series
4. Best Comedy
5. Best Commentry
6. Best Music
7. Most Adorable Video

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Why Dual Core

Some of you who are either buying a new PC or upgrading may be thinking or rationalisation of why to go in for Dual Core. There are some solid reasons for it. It increases performance by 40% compared to PIV and also it is more energy efficient compared to other PC's. That means less electricity bills, great news . Also Dual Core supports Thread Level Parallelism or True Multithreading. Its a technique to increase performance where as different threads carrying out processing of different parts of a program will be execute parallely in different CPU's. In a single core CPU time sharing is used for multithreading which is not a very efficient process. Intel is developing a Quad core and also working on a 80 core processor. More cores can be used for specific purposes like a graphics processor with onboard memory for better rendition of graphics.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Feature of ASP.Net 2.0

New ASP.Net hasa number of new features, among those which I am going to discuss today are

1. Master Pages : Master pages are used to create a templete and inherit ( visual ) other pages of the site from it. It can be used to give uniform look andfeel to the web site and include various other common elements on each page like navigation links et al.

2. Themes and Skins are also supported by the VS 2005 edition ASP. It can be used to create costomised styles and apply them to subsections of Web Sites which need to look similar.

Choclate good for Heart

A new research has revealed that dark choclates have got flavonoid s just like fruits and vegetables which contains anti oxidants that are good for cardiac health or the health of the heart. A recent research on some experimental group has proved the same. Earlier research had shown that choclates are good for ones Libido. Well some or the other new research every other day. Research has also shown that Wine is good for various Life Style diseases including cardiac.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Anti Sleep Car Seat

A car seat has been developed which fights sleep. Sleeping over the wheel leads to alot of unwanted road accidents. The car seat technology is understood to have a angle of 33% to avoid sleeping. Apart from the steep angle the seat is made of a material which transmits body varibles like breathing rate and pulse rate through sensors , so that when a driver starts falling asleep and the pulse rtae and braeting rate lowers an, alarm sets off causing to wake up the driver from his slumber and hense avoiding accidents.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

.tel Domain

Heard of .net,.org,.com ever heard of .tel Top Level Domain. TLD . Yes a UK firm has registered the TLD and would be registering the sub domains under it. It would be used as a seamless address. Ie if you want to e-mail, call land line or cellular or voip or use IM capabilities , one .tel address would suffice for all the above purposes. Cool utility , I hope it comes out soon, so that we can forego remembering so many numerical numbers and other cumbersome addresses.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Apple Launches TV Box

Apple has launched a TV box, costing 299 $ it scan be used to transfer all music , photos and videos from your computer and view it on your TV. Great Device. It has 40 GB of space and can store 50 hours of video,,9000 songs, 25,000 photos. A remote control allows you to watch movies or TV shows bought from apples iTunes store.

One drawback is it does not record TV shows for later viewing.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dell to sell to Computers through internet

Dell in India is resorting to its time tested direct selling mode through internet to the consumers of India for which it has filed to the government for necessary clearances. Dell already sells to corporates of India through Internet and has the requisite clearances from the Indian government for the same.

Dell is a pioneer in selling PC's through Internet. Dell is the most powerful and sold computer brand in India followed by HP. Chinese Lenovo is also picking up market share in recent times.

ill Effects of Computer on Health

Computer has been around for enough time now for its ill effects to be documented. Here are the findings. Someputer causes eye strain if the monitor is improperly used. To the effect that for safety monitor should be 11-23 inches away from eyes and 3-4 inches below eye level height. Also the keyboard is more unhiegenic than even a loo, it has been founf out, to the ectent that it causes viral and bacterial infections like diohrria. Also keyboard and monitor should be cleaned several yimes ina day. Even using more of mouse has harmful radiations emitted which is harmful for wrists. In every hour take 5-10 minutes off the computer.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Human assisted search is facilitated by bookmark managing sittes like, last month it completed three years in existence and has over 3,00,000 registered users. Cool, and I searched the site with the tag technology and found 4,07,975 results of which the first ten shown on the first page included relevant results like Engadget, techcrunch and Digg.

The technology used i s cool. Users book mark and tag the Pages they like and hense using folsonomy you can know what others are reading and liking. Cool Web 2.0 Application. Rajeev Suggests try out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good News for Gaming Freaks

Any think in excess is bad including Gaming but moderation is the key to good effects. It was already proved that gaming is beneficial for those people who are overweight especially the ones with motion control eg Nintendos wii, with motion control remote. Now it has been proved that gaming is good for eyesight. Now days there is too much research , I will not be surprised if tomorrow there is a report that gaming is good for heart, just joking.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

SaaS Pros and Cons

SaaS stands for Software as a Service and among the pros and cons are listed below

  • The main advantage is lowering of cost of owning the Software
  • It arises due to
  • Lowering cost of ownership via pay per use
  • Lowered cost of upgrades ( included in the rent)
  • Lowered cost of maintenance
  • Lowered manpower cost
  • Lowered cost of collaboration

The disadvantages are

  • Crucial info will be on trust basis on third parties resulting in chances of data theft and corporate espionage like in IT/BPO sector

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Business Architecture and System Architecture

Should Business architecture follow System architecture or should system architecture follow business architecture. To begin with we have a set of consumer needs which needs to be satisfied. For which the business forms a Business Strategy. To achive the business strategy a Business architecture is derieved. This Business architecture can be supported by a supporting system architecture. Now the relationship between the two in an ongoing Business Concern would be the following.

Business Architecture pulls the System architecture. The System Architecture should push the Business architecture to become more effective eventually. Eventually the System Architecture and Business architecture should support each other in synergistic ways.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Samsung Hits Again

New technology every other day has just become the order of the day. Now take Korean Company Samsung. It is the leader in Memory manufacturing. Recently it has developed a new Flash Memory of 8GB capacity which is twice as large as current flash memory for cell phones at 4GB. Also it is smaller , lighter more compact and can be built into the phone requiring no external slot leading to a further decrease in size of the gadget. Also it stores and processes at twice the speed of its current market peers. It can store a 2000 songs.

Cool news for all those cell phone enthusiasts who want more in smaller form and style.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Internet Lie Detector

A company in US has created a software which can detect if a person you are chatting to on services like skype is lying. It does so by measuring the amplitude of voice and detecting stress level in it. The service is free, but the veracity of the technology is doubtful as even the ones used by police are not foolproof. The server of the company failed 5 times due to excess load. Next in line is a Love-O-Meter to measure the love across chat.

Cool features, Keep falling in Love, Netizens.

Check your mail in your Umbrella

Japan has invented an Umbrella inside which you can post to sites like Flickr and YouTube and also download and view photos and Videos. You can also check your mail while its raining all through Wireless Internet Connection. Looks like a Sci-Fi Movie come true. So keep working even if its raining. To scroll turn the handle. Cool eh, Buy One to try.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Would Vista Cannibalise Microsoft Revenues

After much hype Vista was released in 2007 Jan. Now their is a talk in the circles about the very marketeability of Vista OS. As Vista requires a very high configuration PC to run to its full potential , most of the existing users will have to spend large amounts of money to either upgrade the hardware or buy a new system. Hense there is a fear in the industry that Vista may make users migrate to Linus which come in various variations and is also free and secure and supports old PC configurations. Let us wait and watch what happens.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Product Data Management ( PDM ) and Project Lifecyvle Management. PDM is primarily used in small organisations who have just migrated to 3d-cad or are trying to migrate in near future. PLM is used in large organisations spread across the globe to achive process opyimizaion. Where as the main purpose of PDM is design optimisation. While PDM is not very cost effective for small organisations, even large organisations can not afford to implement a PLM system without carrying out a cost-benefit analysis.