Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Business Architecture and System Architecture

Should Business architecture follow System architecture or should system architecture follow business architecture. To begin with we have a set of consumer needs which needs to be satisfied. For which the business forms a Business Strategy. To achive the business strategy a Business architecture is derieved. This Business architecture can be supported by a supporting system architecture. Now the relationship between the two in an ongoing Business Concern would be the following.

Business Architecture pulls the System architecture. The System Architecture should push the Business architecture to become more effective eventually. Eventually the System Architecture and Business architecture should support each other in synergistic ways.

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Vani :) said...

Hi Rajiv!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!!

well coming to your post! I believe, technology is always a support function..... when it is tailor made... but then there are certain system architectures that precede business architectures like the Windows operating system.. world's business architecture immediately embraced this!! so are my thoughts!