Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Mini Data Center : Futuristics

The way mobile processors aredeveloping with upto eight cores for Graphical Processing. Mobiles will never be the same again. In a few years time we will have full fledged ERP solutions on the mobile. Mobiles will be used for hard core gaming.Also some times mobiles may replace the Servers, well may be in five years.

Sure things are happening and you have mobiles powering laptops. With GPU's used for Hardware acceleration, mobiles will become powerful computing devices which would be ultra portable and most powerful. We may be having a fully secure mobile with two virtual OS, boot one for personal use, one for office use, to keep the company data safe.

Seamless and almost realtime data access would be the order of the day. A gamer would be completely submerged by the number of games and speed of the mobile. Maybe here a tablet may serve a even better purpose by giving more space to the screen and convenience of gaming.

Devices as big as a shoe box may contain hundreds of Mobile processors with a common interface for maintenance and other purposes, will reduce the cost of computing and power and cooling costs will come down drastically.It will be esp useful where real estate costs are rising like hell, and also youi could transfer a data center at your will.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Politics, Business and Technology

How are the three related. Let me take this chance to educate my western friends about the business environment in India.

Take the 2G crisis in india. 2G spectrum issue has rocked Indian polity beyond recognition. There is inordinant delay in the 3G spectrm allocation. When do we get technology like 4G , LTE et al in India. When business travelers come to India, surely they must be feeling crippled by the Internet infrastrucure of india. I mean this is how polity is related to technology. In western countries 4G and LTE are the norm, In india we are grappling with 3G.

Also many a times business sense and technology sense do not converge. 4G and LTE may not be at price points attractive to Indian purchasing power. Also cost of setting up the business may be prohibitive. In such a case the government should be able to take a hit on their revenues in favor of a more modern Information Highway infrastructure in the country, which is ot happening and hense the increase in break even and low ROI may prevent companies to foray into these endeavours.

So friend what is this hype all about. Again this is an opportunity to make a mark in the Indian Market, if any body can do it real cheap, just like the Vodafone telecom case study, surely they can change the competitive landscape of Indian telecom story.

Claytronics and Robotics

With biological nano bots used for many surgical and non- surgical measures in medicine science. Claytronics also promises a moon. Take for example the problem of a robotic hand which is a big problem for mecahinical and computer science engineers. That is making a robot to fasten its hold against an object for which various crass methods like balloon filled with sand or other materials are being used. Think of a robot with a claytronics hand. When it wants to carry water its hands change shape to a form of bowl to carry water. When it wants to punch an enemy in US warfare, its hands take the shape of sharp spikes, which emits sharpnels against human beings.

Suely there is no end to the way claytronics can be used to help human beings in achieving their machinistic ends. Think for example a tow with a programming to change into a Car, a flying aeroplane or a helocopter on pressing buttons.

Smart material will surely revolutionalize the way we work with objects. A CPU which can change its configuration including the types and sizes of cores and the number of CPU's to optimize programming problems and work at hand.

Oh, how far may we be from such a future. The way science is progressing 20 years, uhh.