Friday, March 11, 2011

Claytronics and Robotics

With biological nano bots used for many surgical and non- surgical measures in medicine science. Claytronics also promises a moon. Take for example the problem of a robotic hand which is a big problem for mecahinical and computer science engineers. That is making a robot to fasten its hold against an object for which various crass methods like balloon filled with sand or other materials are being used. Think of a robot with a claytronics hand. When it wants to carry water its hands change shape to a form of bowl to carry water. When it wants to punch an enemy in US warfare, its hands take the shape of sharp spikes, which emits sharpnels against human beings.

Suely there is no end to the way claytronics can be used to help human beings in achieving their machinistic ends. Think for example a tow with a programming to change into a Car, a flying aeroplane or a helocopter on pressing buttons.

Smart material will surely revolutionalize the way we work with objects. A CPU which can change its configuration including the types and sizes of cores and the number of CPU's to optimize programming problems and work at hand.

Oh, how far may we be from such a future. The way science is progressing 20 years, uhh.

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