Sunday, February 27, 2011

What would the 10 star hotels offer you in terms of Technology

More and more classes are being created and the 5 star clients grew wary of the hotel clientele and wnated 6 star and 7 star hotels.

Many people got wary of the culture on Earth and started suiciding to teleport themselves to a better place or self destruct, depending on the ultimate truth of existence.

So the question is do the air borne virus and bacteria only effects us when some body coughs or sneezes or are they not present in the air medium if some one coughs or sneezes.

So surely hotels of future will say a harmful biotices free environment in the hotel and some years later probiotic atmosphere good for health.

There may be sanitising AC's with carrtridges and later on probiotic AC's with Cartrdges of biotics.

I mean are the likes of Intel, Microsoft and Google listening and ready to protect this idea with their patent and IPR regime.

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