Saturday, February 26, 2011

Artificial Intelligence and Scope of Problem Solving

Human brain is smart and the best.

But AI can prove to be better.

How , say if we teach a human being how to solve a small puzzle of 10 pieces, Human being can solve it, but using the same technique human being can not solve apuzzle with 10,000 pieces.

That can surely be done if we teach AI expert system to solve the same problem.

So a Super Computer can do what 10,000 Human beings can't do.

So if we teach computers the Human Logic ( Which in itself is Mutant ) , surely it can attempt bigger problems.

Think about it.

If we teach a computer to answer call center queries, a Intel Core-i7 computer could be used to connect to a PBX or VOIP system and answer 1000,'s of queries per second depending on the lines it can handle.

Same can not be achived through Human Beings without undergoing a lot of birth pangs from recruitment, retention to layoff.

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