Friday, August 17, 2007

The Semantic Web

After web 2.0 did it all with sharing and collboration of data , work is on to bring web 3.0 into being. It would be the web in which programs will interact and understand all types of information and will be able to classify , combine and filter data and present data to users in a way which will be most useful to the user. The m/c data interface will make manageability of data more simpler and TeraBytes of Data in fact Exabytes would no longer give pain to the user.

Technology Obsolescence at Home

If you are not rich and you just bought a computer you aer going to be stuck with it for atleast two years. You may go in for a upgrade, but buying a new computer may just be out of question. What with some one who just bought Core 2 Duo last week and sees a Core 2 Quad 8 core computer the next day in news paper with another 40% improvement in performance. As a user you have to learn to live with technology obsolescence at home . You could obviously come up with a innovative solution, sell the current system to a less needy like Primary School kid and go in for the latest master blaster computer. Or then upgrade or wait for another year before buying your dream m/c , which would not be so after a couple of week or months . What with intel is already working on a new system with 80 cores and research on on new alternate technology and nano technology.