Tuesday, March 31, 2015

GADGETS GADGETS GADGETS : Welcome to Digital Family

There are phones, there are smart phones & there are cheap smart phones.
There are luxury smart phones & Midrange smart phones.There are Phablets & Tablets.
People own multiple of these devices for entertainment,gaming,education,job & status purposes.
People are seen juggling with 2 phones in trains.
So obviously you buy 1 phone & there is the next alluring product out in the market the next day.
So what do you do?
You buy another one.
One use of spreading yourself thick in such situation may be battery capacity of most phones are comparable & low, so you can have a spare phone as backup.
Also many previous phones have limited phone memory so you can not have all your apps in one phone
So what do you do obviously buy another one.
Another reason for owning multiple devices could be the fact that,you bought a 3G now 3.5 G is out & affordable.
You bought a 3.5 G phone & now 4G is out & available.
Or now that Full HD camera or 4K Front or Back Camera is available for the video buffs.
Whatever the reason we keep piling digital junk with us till we do not know which SIM is in which phone.
Ok just joking.
But obviously Android phones got down the market of Nokia & almost destroyed Nokia to selling its business to Microsoft.
Android is evolving pretty fast & is the dominant platform currently,
Though apple gives it a tough competition in quality & availability of commercial apps.
So man expand the family of your digital devices.
The Papa is Desktop & Smart TV,
Mama is notebook,
Children are phones & tablets & of course you are the proud owner of a smart world of apps, gaming & Entertainment with world of information  right on your fingertips & the need for staying connected to friends & family at all 24 hrs of day neatly satisfied.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Are FB & Twitter Good Enough?

While startups innovate & alleviate the behemoths are not even following on.
Yes it’s true, believe it or not.
Recently FB thought of launching This Day in past 1,2,3,4 years back to review the content & re share also relive the moment.
Hence it is in effect inspired by a startup which does so for all popular social apps.
So now that is a follow on for FB which is so large that in fact it should be starting all the new trends.
That’s very fine, but Twitter also a fast track growth company doesn’t even have any such feature like a time line or so.
Well twitter doesn’t even make browsing previous tweets of an micro blogger forget about creating a revisit section with facility to repost engaging content after a couple of year making re use easier & the job of social blogger more effective & impactful.
All in all it is always the Behemoths which are playing the catch on game while the more nimble startups innovate & raise millions from crowd sourcing or venture funds to end up at the big league in a few years’ time, whereas intuitively it should be the other way round with big firms doing the innovation because of deep pockets & superior talent & tools available with them.
But till we get a cinematic dolby track movie of our past packaged with a style Movie,

It will be a long long time before it happens globally.