Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maintaining Your PC

To keep your PC running with constant sincerity, you need to take its care.

1.Use latest antivirus and Firewall et al if you are connected to net otherwise it can spell doom.
2.Some small tricks can increase you computer life like
3.Every 1-3 months you may need to de fragment your hard disk especially C drive depending on the volume of work you do
4.Using antivirus Computer Maintenance facility you can clean registry, system restore points, and other chorus is done by the computer automatically for you reclaiming unused disk space
5.Regularly un install programs which you don’t need
6.Delete files which you no longer need
7.Take a back up of all you media files on to a DVD/CD to free up your Hard Disk so that you may not ultimately be needing that extra External Hard Disk.
8.If you are short of C drive free space, don’t store bulky media files on the Desktop, instead create a shortcut to a Folder called desktop which could be pointing to another sparse partition of hard disk.
9.Use your PC at least once a Day.


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