Thursday, June 12, 2008

Personal Technology and Entertainment

As this Author is based from India, I talk today about my Experiences in Entertainment Technology and India. India is a great country and I stay near Mumbai and hence we have about 8 FM stations, but most radios are only Audio Promotion types and hardly play your favorite Music. Hence comes up the need to put up with an MP3 player.
I have a Phillips variety which was gifted to me by my employer. 1 GB shuffle. My experience with the Gadget was really good. But you need some time to refine the favorite list in the flash memory as you play your MP3 player and feel really good with 1 by 1 your favorite numbers playing and giving you that estatic feeling of being in heaven, If some numbers do not fit yuor mood you can happily go to the next random song.

My 1 GB could store about 200 songs as Hindi songs are a bit lengthy. I preferred teh MP3 format than the WMA. Easyly drag dropped.

Maybe my next gift from my employer would be an I-Pod or I-Phone and I would happily be listening to my favorite Music.

The conclusion is that Personal technology makes life really beautiful and livable.

So more later.

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Anonymous said...

Cool innovations in Personal Technology makes life really worth living and enjoying every moment while staying connected with the community and family.

Cheers scumbag.