Thursday, June 19, 2008

Innovations Galore From LG and Samsung

While i-Phone 3G is going to hit 22 countries in July, other companies are not sitting idle. They are planning their own innovative new products.

LG and Samsung are usual are leading the onslaught with their products which include new features like haptic touch, Vibetones and Support for Widgets.

Samsung Omnia supports Vibetones where you can set different vibrations for different callers, a totally new experience to give you that special feeling for a special person when he/she calls.

LG and Samsung are both launching products ( LG’s KF 700) which are haptic, ie when you touch the screen they give a vibratory feedback of right or wrong interaction. Now that is something I call a cool innovation which will sure entice the users. Also the support for widgets which can pull news or blog feeds right from your home page is something users will like to have on their phones.

So i-Phone 3G watch out, cornering big chunks of Market Share only on the count of Distribution Clout is not going to be that easy. You need to take on on the Innovation front as well.

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