Friday, June 13, 2008

Google's Strategy and Future

Will Google Survive

Google is placed precariously riskily as it depends 99% on search advertising. Slowly and surely Google is going to loose its dominant position as China, Europe and India will have there own companies which understand the local geography well and are surely likely to succeed to at least some degree in reducing the clout of Google. Google has added tens of new applications through Google Labs but all of them turn out to be just incremental and no blockbuster product has been introduced which could turn the Industry Dynamics towards it.

Google is towards open sourcing, I think the opposite could help them. I mean by going revenues. Like they could enter the OS and Desk Top applications market, by having full fledged Desk Top version of MS Office and charge a 20% less than Microsoft. They already have Cloud Version of Office software and they could convert the Design to desktop in about a Month and do so.

This gambit could create an additional source of income for Google and could seriously challenge the position of Microsoft.

Also they could improve and refine the way search results by taking optional feedback from users about relevance and usefulness of search results thrown. This way they could even increase their market share Globally and in the US.

How do you rank my strategy, Friends? Hmm!

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