Monday, June 30, 2008

Marketing Technology Products

Its important to understand that no two customers are the same and different customers require different approach to market your technology product. But the luck is on your side in that all customers fall into a few broad categories.

The first category is the Novice User. The novice user knows nothing about the product and wants to know every thing and probably experience the product before placing an order. So experiential format store or the demonstration of product would be best for this class of consumer. Many stores use plasma screens to show specification and functionality of common electronics items to avoid repeat explanations to all prospects.

The second functional category is the Techie Geek. This class of users have all the knowledge of the item to be bought and wants to re affirm her beliefs. So you need to just affirm his beliefs and let him experience the product.

The third category of users is the Affluent Demonstrative consumer. These people may probably not even use the item beyond carrying and maybe occasional use. So you need to pamper their ego and show them high end stylish models with a better price tag and impress upon the Style Quotient and exclusivity that the product is probably going to provide them.

Also in selling the Technical Product in which new models keep turning up every quarter you need to have a educated , trained and motivated workforce which will be able to take care of the above mentioned different approach to different consumers and improve upon the closing ratio than just working with a standard rote presentation to each consumer.

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