Thursday, June 26, 2008

Online Reputation Management

ORM is emerging as a hot new concepts in India following the global trends. Companies find that internet can be used for malicious purposes by disgruntled customers and ex employees hence the need to ORM. ORM is already a multi crore
Business in India. Companies hire agencies to look after their online images and pay agencies for doing the same.
It could be considered as Internet Brand building by managing good articles and blog posts in Social Media to maintain good Internet Brand Equity. In future companies may even be lobbying for a law against digital ignominy.
But their already exists consumers and prosumer’s lobby’s which are for opinions by consumers. There are various opinion products on the internet you should go through before buying any durable worth a few thousand Rs.
Hence according to this author instead of spending crores of Rs. On corrective measures companies could take proactive measures such as to take the complaints themselves and seriously through company blogs so as to give a feeling of transparency to the consumers instead of going for quick fix and reactive measures.
What say?

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