Sunday, June 29, 2008

Now Buy Your Top Level Domain

ICANN has decided that for a Sum of $1,00,000 you will be able to buy a Vanity TLD name. Domains like .Ambani, .Love et al would be a possibility now. These domain names would be tested for ethicality and spoofing before allotting by ICANN’s strict scanning procedure. This measure will also increase the number of domains available on the internet which is already breaching the upper limit of the Internet Naming System.

Also top level Domain Names could now be in other languages like Arabic or Cyrillic. So now get ready for Unicode addressing in the World Wide Web. The process is set to begin by 2009.

With all these developments it occurred to me that a lot remains to be done on the level of language translation which may be expected in the Semantic web or Web 3.0. That is automatic translation of web site into the language desired by the user. Maybe in two years we see such a solution. It occurred to me because I have blog readers from 61 countries and I found that there were no readers from Russia, ( From Google Analytics ), and I concluded that my English language blog was an impediment to successful marketing in Russia and other countries in Africa apart from South Africa. Hence if you are blogging then you have to look at all these factors to increase your readership loyalty as well as adsense revenues.

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