Tuesday, June 24, 2008

FireFox 3.0 Launched

Creeping market share acquisition for Mozilla’s Firefox is what I call a successful strategy to dethrone Internet Explorer from the coveted Market Leadership in Browser market. While IE has 72% of market share Firefox now has about 18% of the Browser market share. Not by any standards a mean achievement.

Many a factors were involved in this process, and the main in main was the high speed which Firefox offers compared to the IE. Microsoft’s internet explorer was also a follower on various counts of innovation like the tabbed browsing which was started by many lesser known players with not so deep pockets and a big R&D staff. Also there were anti trust allegations against Microsoft for bundling its Browser with OS and adversely affecting the competitors chances of winning the Browser Wars.

Firefox 3.0 was downloaded 8 million times in first 24 hours of launch creating a record of sorts, while opera has launched opera 9.5 which was downloaded 5 million times in about a weak time. So more competition seems to be taking on the heels of the market leader Microsoft.

Firefox 3.0 is faster and takes up lesser of computer memory for operation but a security glitch was reported within hours of its launch which affected the downloads. Browser market wars are all set to heat up in the coming times what with Billions of handsets in the circulation and chances of Browser and search advertising revenues making the mobile space a hot differentiating entity in any companies portfolio.

Opera is also gaining traction and every month about 20 million users use Opera to access web from computers and 12 million people use Opera Mini from their mobiles. Watch out this space to read more about the Browser Marketing Wars in coming posts.

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